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The Leavers (I) Wake Up In Music

We are the Leavers
And the road rolls beneath us
We sleep as we’re driven
We arrive before dawn
We wait in grey truck-stops
For the night to release us
Then slip in from ring-roads
And our work starts again

Unloading our cargo
The thrills of the night
Our boxes of noises
Our boxes of light
We are parties that travel
Movies that move
Jokes that span fields
Conversations that chatter
From one town to another
Laughter that passes
Thoughts on the wind

We will make a show
And then we'll go
We are the Leavers

Bottles that empty
From Dover to Calais
From Paris to Hamburg
Strasbourg to Stockholm
On buses that rumble from Newport New York!
We nod-off in London or Lisbon or Lima
We wake up in Munich
Wake up in music

We are the Leavers
We are the Leavers

Be careful. We’ll leave you...

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