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The Lights

Hello, my name's Witty, I'm fucking half sane
Trying to play me, well you ain't playing with the game
Imma show you what I got and what I got is everything
And I'm rapping with words full of forces that sting
Lemme take you way back to the beginning
Understand me and the life that I was living
I was only bout eleven and I moved eleven times
Bunch of different schools, I ain't trying fucking whine
But I'm showing you my life
Had to make a picture, school wasn’t easy
Kids like to pick you apart
I'm a easy target high voice as a start
Long hair doesn’t help high socks torn apart
But, ended up where I think I kinda fit in
Made a couple friends everything was beginning
Not Charlie Sheen but I felt like I was winning
But it doesn’t end there fat ladies not singing
Had to move again, I moved in with my grandma
Things got rough there she wasn’t a fan of me
Or anything I do we would often argue
I just get home from school and she'd already be yelling
That could last all night
Just a brief overview you all understand right?
One weekend, everything really went south
My mom, sister arrived, came home, the locks changed on the house
That led to another move, another school
And I had to leave my friends, a place I was finally cool
And at this new school it was much bigger
Didn’t know many there but I figured
That I would meet people everything would be fine
So I went to school did my work and in the meantime
Made a few friends, but I didn’t belong
Met a few girls all of them did me wrong
School flew by and soon I was out
Wanted to learn more so I took the college route
And by now everything had settled down
Searching for something and my something is what I found
Two years in college as I focused on my studies
I still was missing something I was still hungry
Started making music then everything clicked
Spit a couple bars people saying that I'm sick
So I thought I'd test it and in steps Witty
And of course I got haters people saying that I'm shitty
But I dealt with the haters like the bullies in the past
Turn around told them all they could all kiss my ass
The positive response was enough to outweigh
In one summer got a show and I made a mixtape
Which is not an achievement, its just a start
Now I'm rapping with passion and I'm full of fucking heart
The past isn’t easy but that’s how you learn
I'm on this ride of life now I'm taking my turn
That brings us full circles to where were at now
Here with this pen and paper, just sitting on the couch
Turning off the lights from the past
Now lights for the future
Lets make them last now
Lets make them last now
Lets make them last now
Make em last now

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