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The Road To Achievement

In Search of the N.E.R.D (She Wants to Move)

It's Mickey!

Look who's back?
I'm on the N.E.R.D beat too
I done took you back
I bet you ain't think that I would do that
I got a good few raps that will push you back
But check it out now
Got a cool little name, little clap now
And a beautiful dame she wanna ?
Not like using a crane, what it do?
She came through doing her thang, I'm a rockstar
Top down for the sun, in the hot car
Model chick in the front with some popcorn
Yeah, we made a movie
Pass it around like we play ?
I came with G's like we made for Gucci
They gang related like James Belushi
Lower east side I done ate some sushi
In the same jacuzzi that Puff was in when he gaming groupies
Biggie was there without his famous Coogi
My name is usually in the bright lights
Filled with punches, no Fight Night
Yeah it's jumping, just like Mike
N.E.R.D, still on the search of any party
Yeah I'm gunna flirt with you, please pardon me
See the woman right there?
Her name is I-E-S-H-A
Yeah I married her
To a wonderful place, where I carried her
Tell Pharrell that she had me bruh
Honeymoon out to Africa

Flashback (Electric Relaxation)

R.I.P Phife, I hope you resting
Your spirit still here, your soul is precious
Reached out to Tip, my condolence, blessings
Grew up on y'all as a hopeless freshman
Let's toast your essence, Grand Marnier for the dopest entrance
Ima quote his message, you liked them black, yellow, Puerto Rican and Haitian
Wish I woulda met him at the Yeezy occasion
Backstage at the Garden it was really amazing
Bonita Applebum was a serious favorite
Went back to the back saw Busta and Eve
Then I saw Tip, he was rushing to leave
Didn't get to say what I wanted to speak
But every punchline you spoke was fucking elite
Phife Dawg was a wonderful beast
Flashback, this was something for me
That I really had to share, please slumber in peace
My soul will see you in heaven when I'm under the streets, peace

Heavens Fallout

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