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There Will Be Blood

For goons only nigga
Drive-by music bitch
Yeah, hey watch this
Hey if you strapped put ya hands up homie
Look, see what I'm talking about
Even the bitches got they hands up too nigga
Shit real down here homey
Straight gangsta though

[Verse 1]
Callin' in my seven deuce
Niggas know I'll pull it out I'll let it loose
Green tipped cop killas aiming through your vest
Shootouts in broad day, I done seen the best
Seen the rest get they head bust
And choppa got some niggas ridin' on the fed bus
Wheelchair Charlie choppa got his legs cut
Do anything in the world just to stand up
100 rounds is the clip with the curve on it
Jack niggas when they got a couple birds on 'em
Wood grain with the rubber grip
My city kill niggas just for the fuck of it
You know who you fuckin' wit

My choppa got a body on it (hey)
Do anybody want it?

[Verse 2]
You should hear it when I let it go
Put a body on it then we sell it for the low
Anybody can get it nigga just let me know
Show me where them bitches at and I'm ready to go
Still a goon got the block hotter than June
No shirt show my tats and my bullet wounds
Bustin' corners on the enemy turf
Gotta test this new choppa, make sure that it work
Drop-top 50 shots homey death on wheels
Might as well say you dead if you let one live
Get out the way when it go bang
I can hit ya up close or either long range
(Haha) yeah nigga you know its on man

My choppa got a body on it (hey)
Do anybody want it?

[Verse 3]
The government call them AKs
My grandfather rolled with them back in they days
Shoot 'em off on the 4th just to celebrate
Pull 'em out and goto war when they playa hate
Chopper knock ya off your feet make you elevate
You don't dance but this will make ya body shake
Momma cryin' “How much time will the doctor take?”
He got his eyes wide open but he not awake
Can't no medicine help him all he got is faith
Them choppa bullets prolly put him in a better place
Walk-ups and drive-bys lettin' shells fly
If I die let me goto hell high

My choppa got a body on it (hey)
Do anybody want it?

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