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Throwin' It All Away

Your little worldA little out of placeYou couldn't hear the oceanYou couldn't hear the wavesI know you meant to come backI know you meant to stayAll you touchedAll you knowAll you loved - yehWell I can see you smileCan you see my tears?I reach to hold youBut you ain't thereYou left a hole so big lord, Beyond repairI'll try to find forgiveness in talkin' whatWill never shareAll you touchedAll you knowAll you lovedYou just left 'em with nothing to say[Chorus]You're just throwin' it all awayNo you didn't care to see the light of dayYou're just throwin' it all awayLike the sand upon the beachYour crashing waves came took you away
Zakk Wylde Throwin' It All Away

Date Added: 2007-12-24
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