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U Can't (One Chance Cover)

Let me Hollar at them Folk,
I love Paper Chasin baby imma track star (star)
I really gets money (money), Them sucker's at the bar.
You want hollar at me, Im posted by the bar (bar)
I don't buy drink's (nope), Baby i buy the bar (bar).
From the looks of things i can tell you peepin' nar (nar)
I spit game to keep up in that thang by tomarrow.
Imma beat it up right(right), Imma make your press charge
Make noise's all night, Now they made the dogs barkin.

Cause I know you can't (Ay), you can't (Ay)
Persist to let it begin, Don't try to pretend you know your OHHH
Lil mama let me put you on (ohh), go head and get up in your zone
Cause I know you can't (Ay), you can't (Ay)
Persist to let it begin, don't try to pretend you know your ohhh
Ain't you glad I put you on (ohh), I got you all up in your zone

[Verse: Lil' Wayne]
Let me put you on that crunk shit, deep in the dirty Yup, dirty like some skunk piss
I bet you won't miss my lap because that bitch candy, down south let her see it's sandy like Miami.
And the beast landed, the fan that be bamin then I step up out that bitch like I just landed
Cause I'm flyer then er body, and your damn family – now girl shake that booty meat and I'm gonna make a sandwich.
Ketchup mustard mayonnaise, serving crunk juice.
I'm sitting on shaq's, so dey let my dunk through?
My name is weezy baby, and don't forget the baby if you forget the baby, I'm gonna forget you baby.
My name is weezy baby and I can't rap baby!

[Chorus: Speak till song fades]

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