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Underwater Bride

Help me stay awake, I'm falling asleep
And I don't want to fall asleep while your here
You're going to leave, when the alarm clock beeps
And it will beep any moment, my dear
And all that we have will be locked into memory
Like everything that we've had before
So I will stay awake and I'll watch the fire burning
And keep the hungry wolves from the door

Help me find my way back to the bread crumbs
I've wandered alone through the trees
The lights are dimming in the windows of the houses
And my heart is starting to freeze
See we have a light but we won't use it
We're scared we'll lose it if we don't use it
Then we'll die here in the dark

And they will find us, hopeless and helpless
And clutching our frozen hearts
And you and I, well we'll be buried side by side
And time it won't mean a thing
I'll be your underground groom
You'll be my underground bride

Please can you help me keep my head above the water
I have a cramp in both of my calves
Yeah, my lungs are filling up with cold dirty water
But I have a sickness that is making me laugh
See we have a boat but we don't think it
We're scared we'll sink it but we'll drink it
If we never find that raft

And we will sink down to the bottom of the ocean
With the fishes that glow in the dark
And you and I, well we'll sink down side by side
And time it won't mean a thing
I'll be your underwater groom
You'll be my underwater bride

And oh, the lights are fading my love
And oh, the water's filling me up
And oh, the lights are fading my love

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