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(Erykah Badu Speaks)
When its all said and done
Whatever that means
Cause I don't think that it will ever be done
I want people to remember that
I remind them to follow their hearts
And that's it…

[Hook: Erykah Badu]
And I'd lie for you
I'd cry for you
And pop for you
And break for you
And hate for you
And I'll hate you too
If you want me too
Ah, Uuu...
I'd pray for you
Crochet for you
Make it from scratch for you
Leave out the last for you
Go to the store for you
Do it some more for you
Do what you want me to
Yes I'm a fool for you...

[Verse 1: Mickey Factz]
My baby special
Been sayin that since the day I met you
So nervous in the restaurant
That I thought you were on the menu
Food for thought, you make me nervous
I think you perfect, crazy perfect
And i think you worth it
Met my mama, she said for certain
That you and me, it could work
So many times that we been hurt
Both our exes did some dirt
But it went away when you kissed me first
And I feel like the man when you get it
And I get chills when i'm in it
Remember that time you yelled at me and we got over it in a minute
Listen, so many girls, so many lies
I been in love like so many times
To the point that I don't wanna try
Cuz my eyes really don't wanna cry
Sad, and I'm mad, and I'm stressed out in a cab
And I tell the driver just ride away, cuz the next day I'll be back Sayin' I


[Verse 2: Mickey Factz]
When we together
Everything just feels better
She call me papito
Now that's my name forever
That picnic was fly to me
We cook together, play Monopoly
You the last person I talk to
And the first one I wake up too
And that's awesome
Your aura I get lost in
You're gorgeous
And I get so happy when I get around you
And I'm so lucky that nobody found you
I wanna help you turn your dreams to reality
Get a high rise with a view, door man and a balcony
When we argue, its hard to, just stay mad when I want you
Call me when something is wrong boo, and I'll drop everything cuz It's all you, that I dream of
That I think of
I think love is on the way
And I'll keep it up, you be the judge
Until then I


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