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[Verse 1]
I got it made but
I want more
Like a train
Inside a cave or
A private plane
To fly to Spain
Diamond chain with
A lotta bling
Or world peace
Or to know everything my girl thinks
Furs… Minks
Pearl links
And a maid thats paid to serve drinks
Or how about the freedom to walk safely
Without the fear of a cop gun off safety
I want a baby
Or maybe unlimited trips
With a bit of a twist
Having dinner on ships
Looking at rivers and fish swimming
While feeling the mist
Chilling, beginning of bliss
Then sealed with a kiss
Uh uh, no kinda worries
New York City in winter without a flurry
A real movie to come from Tyler Perry
I want the Knicks to just acquire Curry

[Verse 2]
I want free education
Free medication
No separation
Mind body and spirit the same
A few dollars
Bank accounts with amounts with 2 commas
Camel riding in Egypt for 2 hours
The two towers restored with new power
One ain't enough
Cancer cures
Questions that I need answers for
No more violence
So long riots
No more tyrants
Prolonged diets
I wanna bring back John Lennon and Biggie
Winehouse and Whitney
Malcolm X in the 60’s
Get rid of debt
Economy would be fiction if I was blessed
With the power to stretch
The wealth over the net
I'd bring kids in the ghetto to see Japan
Meet a man that never will see his hands
But gives everything

[Verse 3]
I want the girls online that show ass
To show class
Cause none of that’ll last
A couple likes
From thirsty cats that just wanna pipe
It's nothing nice
I want poverty gone
It gets sickening
Conditions that I see these kids living in
I want water to go into Flint Michigan
Government is avoiding the real mission
That's poisoning real citizens
Tax cuts
On poor people that struggle to stack bucks
Black trucks for families thats stuck
In places where bad luck is making 'em mad tough
Yea thats rough
Get rid of knives, guns that use clips
So murders dont occur when using fists
I want fathers to take care of they kids
Because they kids and need fathers to live
That's what I want
That's what it is

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