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Watch Your Step

You better take it easy babyBefore you go awayYou did me dirtyYou'll get yours one dayChorus:You betterWatch your step...Talkin' about youWatch your step...You betterWatch your step...Keep your eyes open wide'cause you'll be hurtin' down insideYou better leave me all your moneyBefore you go awayDon't think I'm funny honeyAll I've got to say[Watch Your Step lyrics on]Chorus'cause when you took your loveFrom meYou left me full of miseryI'm gonna be all rightChorusWhen you need me by your sideI'm gonna say go somewhere and hideWatch your step...You better watch out babyEverything you doI'm gonna keep my eyes focused,Right on youYou better walk right babyThere's just one thing I knowYou better watch your step...When you need me by your sideI'm gonna say go somewhere and hide

Date Added: 2007-04-14
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