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We Don't Fight

Rich Gang

Money everyday, money every night
OG kush blunts mixed with dirty Sprite
Nigga shootin' shit, we don't like to fight
Bitch, we shootin' extendo's, we don't fight
Shootin' choppers, shootin' choppers, we don't fight
Zoom zoom, bitch, ship it, we don't fight
Shootin' hollow tips, nigga, we don't fight
Pocket rocket, choppers on deck, we don't fight

[Verse 1]
Try the squad, boy, you could lose your life
M-16, boy, we don't fight
Pull up on your block, midnight
Knocking shit down with these big pipes
I'ma tote the strap, I'ma catch 'em back
If he shoot at me, then I'm shootin' back
Shootin' niggas, they runnin' like a race track
Pull up to the block, and I got eight stack


[Verse 2]
I'm so raw, man, I'm stackin' figures
Niggas do it big, but I do it bigger
I'm a legend on the stage, they takin' pictures
I'ma ball hard 'till I get a penalty
I go so hard, they remember me
My whole team winnin', I can't take a loss
Had to live my life, make myself a boss
Now, it's foreign wips when I'm in [?]
Now I'm trappin' hard, see me in the street
Rest In Peace to the track, cause I killed the beat
I'm so clean, nobody fresh as me
I guess gold chains and foreign whips my destiny


[Verse 3]
Go hard for the fam cause that's all I got
Got to kill everything cause I'm on top
Maseriati dizzy dash, that's a lot of guap
In the streets goin' crazy cause my buzz hot
And whatever you wonna do, bitch you know I'm with it
S. D. Money Gang the youngest to ever did it
All white diamonds when I'm steppin' out
I'm a young boss with a bag, I'm the best out
My foreign whip expensive, and my bitch delicious
My swag that's the [?], rims on super inches
They remember me, they remember me
I go hard, I got shows like every week


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