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Whatcha Wanna Do

What what nigga huh huh Nigga what what what check I'm shooting flees Polluting you and your niggas Better run from me Coming through in that strap With a two twenty three You be losing your life When you caught up in beef What nigga nigga she Now I ride and ride With a K on my side Bet this jai fly and fly Nigga you won't be for I I hope you lying but why In the middle of the night I be fatigued Camouflaging by By by the by by by what Nigga what taking me for joke And watch me heard you Boy they be commercial I'll beat them til they purple I'm live any nigga But I got a big oh chop tools That'll kill bitter niggas Did you do it Thought it was cool But you still in it nigga You're so ugly with your boys But I'm still pretty nigga Lil' Wayne representing I cut like blades I bust breads and break legs I tear up dreads Take my our breads Now cold figure Why from the seventeen I bang down from gold nigga Had me for go beat the go carts On your block with four triggers Man ya'll niggas ain't up with this Ya'll eating one me You could suck my dick Now taking a chill but Realer you could play if you want Find you something in the back of my trunk Oh feminine funk Nigga what huh Nigga what you gon' do Nigga huh what what What you gon' do I say what huh huh What you won't do Nigga huh what what What you won't do I be Wayne Wayne Wayne From C-M-B fifty shots Slang flang flang From artillery But look they sting sting sting Burn like rubber on streets Urrh if you can't hang Find your way from around me Litle soldier all for A-N-E Appley ego my niggas So ain't no playing me Yeah I may be A little small and all that But I'm about war tone a get Flipping a car and all that Freeze me and my shit Please hit your hood like fleas Solider rag black boys Why you teasing Rees Please tell me that you was full of weed [Whatcha Wanna Do lyrics on]Then things won't be I don't think none of ya'll families Gon' see ya'll bleed I know what the hell it be Niggas start his nothing of speed I be ten D and two twenty threes try trees Rabbit told me not to be weed And let a nigga play me So he who take the biggest bite of all of his teeth Hook up with Ju turp and B.G. Open niggas like key Gee I bet that some gees boy Where the H be Us thieves seem beaters Make a scene off a keys All ya'll please need to cease Raah cheese Nigga what huh What you won't do Nigga what nigga what Huh what you won't do I say what huh what What you won't do Nigga what huh What you won't do Look dog you could be stupid Why they all be J ball All you try to call The block and get 'em all Whole nation gon' fall Lil' Wayne spent the cut Put your guns up nigga what I clutch your butt Nigga go and hide When I ride I blow the forty five And explode on your side And niggas like a Mario Tools for me Now it's been a nigga use to me On the three five diaomond dust Just waiting niggas could take me Entice a caden Nigga if you won't walk with me It's gon' be about your issue Put this set with my nigga Thanks to pitcher Look at nigga dressed in black With a big old cut Fred your house pow I love my nigga what Nigga what huh What what you won't do Nigga what huh what What what you gon' do What you won't do Yeah I say huh What nigga what you won't do Have me in all black Busting back at your crew I say what huh What what you won't do I say huh what Nigga what you won't do Nigga what huh Nigga what you won't do Have me in all black Busting at your crew What what what Huh huh huh Nigga nigga nigga what Ya'll want nigga What ya'll niggas want Do nigga what Huh huh

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