NotNo - Who Will Be Remembered? Lyrics

Who Will Be Remembered?

On your way, comin' through

[Verse 1]
Now give me a moment to share with you my story
To give you motivation for whatever your enduring
See they try to tell you "no" but I will tell you "yes"
The answer to how far you'll go requires more than a guess
But yes, the stress is most heavily weighed
You told it to leave but it just wanted to stay
Don't listen to the others, they just wanna be paid
Be heard on TV, played on the radio all day
And they say cause I'm white I don't how rap
But I say they're jealous stereotypical bitches and that's that
So whether your gas is low or your tire's flat
Keep going down the road and don't ever look back
Now you can save all the excuses and bullshit for later
Or use your advantages to be abusive to all your haters
Before you think about robin' liquor stores in your spare time
Think about what they'll say when you have no life
Will they reminisce over your past achievements
Or will they talk bad about you and easily believe it
Cause all you ever were was a complete disappointment
And you missed every opportunity you had to gain atonement

Now who will be remembered?
Who will be remembered?
Who will be remembered?
Who will be remembered?
If ya died today or even tomorrow
Would they feel any pain or would they feel no sorrow
Now who will be remembered?
Who will be remembered?
Who will be remembered?
Who will be remembered?
If I died today or even tomorrow
Would you feel any pain or would you feel no sorrow

[Verse 2]
Come, these are the visions of the truth
Its knockin' on the door cause it wants to meet you
You don't gotta do nothin' just let it come on through
But you won't let it in man what the hell's wrong with you?
Biggie Smalls said it best, lets kick in the door
If spirited admiration is what your lookin' for
Then take out your keys and put away your sword
Cause this bullshit they told you will gain you no reward
They really told you that's its cool to be a pimp?
You think your a gangsta but in my eyes your a wimp
Ignoring advice, one less text message sent
You better listen up cause I won't say it again
When you die will people still consider you a friend
Or will you piss them off so badly they wish your death was part of their revenge
If that hill's a mountain, you can crawl it
If you need some money stop snatchin' wallets
This is my final message to you
On your part, I hope listening's not an issue
Don't let all these fake fucks come out and diss you

[Hook (2x)]

Rest in peace to B.I.G
2pac and Eazy-E
Nah mean?

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