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No Mystery

[Hook: Mary J. Blidge & Onemanband]
If you walk by faith and not by sight
It's no mystery
Little bit of money make you finally see
In time you will no longer be blind
Well Obviously
Little bit of money make you finally see

[Verse 1] 
That's why
That's why
That's why
I wrote these lines
Abided by the rules and followed the guidelines
Hoping to catch a break and get some me-time
Can't stay laid back forever  I've got a deadline
Flow so ill it requires a double look
Pretty damn good chef but too lazy to cook
Now listen to my mission, it's in the hook
If I need to tell you twice you'll be overlooked
I walk by faith and not by sight
Faith don't need a doctor cause it never goes blind
Convert your eyes before you run out of time
When birds fall from the sky that's your sign
That's your mission now here is mine
Mine is the same as yours, I walk the same line
Don't treat me as an outcast and spread those lies
I got the power to make it a cloudy day, so your rims won't shine


[Verse 2]
That's why
That's why
That's why
I always push it to the end
My music requires discretion whether your a foe a friend
Will I do this till I die? I guess it all depends
Write down your curses and tell me which ones you think are sins
I met a girl who swore she was a dancer
She's asking God to take her life cause she's got cancer
And now that she's pregnant she's hopin' to have the baby before God answers
And I'm damn sure I wouldn't want to leave her in harm's way
And you can bet your car and segway I'll be there for her each and everyday
It don't matter how close or how far
Some call it weird some even call it bizzare
But I'll be here, holding your hand, giving you the keys to my newest car
But sometimes the newest cars don't always start
If it breaks down be prepared for a walk
Cause sometimes when it happens that walk might be far


[Verse 3]
That's why
That's why
That's why
I made you a witness 
I gave you a mission
Now I can do addition but I'm bad with division
But I can still solve for what your life's missin'
See there's more to life than gettin' drunk and sniffin'
But people would rather pay for that then they're college tuition
You can complian about my complaints all you want
But I'd rather be excluded from the world than smoke a blunt
See I don't need to sell drugs just to get a pair of car keys
Without any support I made it on my own feet
I sold my words fast with a blast from the past to remind you of what your supposed to be 
You can be anything but you just gotta believe
It's just one more step you just gotta achieve
You can always be you but you can never be me
My success is as far as the eye can see
And I did it all without your fake-ass illuminati


Faith isn't something you can buy in a store
Faith is only achievable as long as you allow it to be
Let it come into your heart
And make peace with yourself

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