NotNo - Rewind (Outro) Lyrics

Rewind (Outro)

I can't take back all the mistakes in my life
I can't rewind to all of the good times
I've always tried but can never do it right
I can't rewind to all of the good times

[Verse 1]
Lets reminisce over those great days
We were all happy in over a thousand different ways
When everyone said "Peace", it was our favorite thing to say
We could all buy gas without spending what we make in a day
Happiness was the definition of gay
Politicians weren't worried when people put their hands up to pray
It's hard to watch that's why I wanna look away
But if I keep my eyes closed for too long then I'll end up in chains
Life has speed limits, you don't wanna go too fast
Life is a test I'm just trying to pass
Aren't we all so focused on trying to get the last laugh
That we gotta start a war just to get our gas back
Teachers ain't even teaching
So much for passing math class
Man, when I was growing up it was nothing like that
It was safe for children run freely in the streets
Without parents carefully watching their backs and strangers were ok to meet
Our food wasn't made of chemicals, it was safe to eat
It was all easy to afford we didn't have to work for weeks
AIDS didn't exist, people could meet and greet
I wish those days never ended
Government didn't take money out of our pay check before we could even spend it
The most important news is always the least-trended


[Verse 2]
I remember holding your hand
We promised each other that one day we would run away to the promised land
But so much for that, it ain't even worth taken the chance
You roll your eyes every time I ask you to dance
And now our kids are askin': how come we don't see daddy no more?
And you say: cause he just left, just walked out the front door
Don't even tell them the truth
That's why I uncontrollably stay mad at you
Told me to man up or leave but I couldn't choose
So now I'm forced to live out the rest of my life here without you
But that's ironic cause every time I try to tell you the truth
You burst out laughing and call it an excuse
I can't take back all the things that I said
And you can't get rid of all the bullshit left in your head
I know I was wrong for doing what I did
All the mistakes that I've made makes it harder for me to live
In order to show you that I still care even after all of that shit that we did when we were kids
Growin' up didn't know any better and got you pregnant and wasn't even outta high school yet
My aunt knew it would happen and she shook her head
Cause I didn't have a father figure to look up to and dream of whenever I went to bed
But later I straightened up and I passed all of my tests
Guess my grandmother was right when she said I would become one of the best


[Verse 3]
Damn, my life is going by so fast
I wonder how much longer it will truly last
I wish I had a time machine so I could return to the past
Ready to revoke my mistakes without looking like an ass
But alas, it's nowhere near as simple as it sounds
Gotta keep your head held high and your feet on the ground
With your chin up and your fists up
Ready to fight what comes your way
I want to return to the time where we were safe
Nine eleven, thousands in heaven plus a war all in one day
And now our children have even more trouble in their way
We couldve fixed our problems easily
And left our next generation less trouble to face
But look at what we've done, look how far we've come
We left'em with more enemies and less room to run
So before I pass out and this night is over
Make sure a gun is in my hands, after I'm sober


Ohh I wanna
I wanna return
I wanna
I wanna return
Ohh I wanna
I wanna return
I wanna, yeah
I wanna return

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