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I see the world drowning in greed instead of killing off it's thieves
I see the people living in doubt, driving the cars that bring the drought
I see killers, terrorists, rapists, molesters, living from east to west, north to south
I see people so blind, focused on wealth, they can't see their destiny
I see the ones who tell the lies instead of simply telling the truth
I see the wrong envisions and feel nothing but the abuse
This world, our world, is dying inside, what happened to all it's youth?
I hope one day you can rise to liberation, my words can break the chains off of you

[Verse 1]
You sittin' down as second period starts to begin
You talking bad shit about some people, not even caring that there're your friends
But as class starts, the teacher smacks the ruler on his desk
You notice this new girl you really like
She's someone you want to impress
You instantly love her but know it's to soon to confess
She's someone you want to be with, no need to take a guess
When class has ended, you go over to her to try and ask her out
The words are put together in your head but not coming out your mouth
She know's what you were gonna say but then eventually walks off
Your filled with embarrassment and consumed in total doubt
But when school ends, you and her meet back up again
You were afraid that she would say "No, I only want to be friends"
But she eventually says "Yes"
Take a bow, grab her hand
You and her go out in your mama's van
You get filled with joy whenever she grabs hold of your hand
You grab her wrist, make a fist
Ask yourself "How could life get any better than this?"

Do you remember?
Do you remember?
Remember? (ChiTown Ohhh)
Do you remember?
Do you remember?
Remember? (ChiTown Ohhh)

[Verse 2]
One thing that she forgot to mention was what she was doing to you
She's been with your friend all along
You never got a clue
You didn't want to break it off, ya didn't like the thought of her gone
If you beat the shit out of him, then his parents are gonna sue
You want to stay together even though it is so wrong
But your friend is all up on her and there's nothing that you can do
So you sit back, listen to songs
Before you know he's right behind you
He finds out that your the other guy, hits your gut till you throw up your food
Both of you thought each other was "the other guy"
Cause that girl could never pick and choose
You didn't think that it would happen but she breaks it off with you
You get so pissed, make a fist, punch the fan through the fucking roof
Next day at school, you get revenge, kick the shit out of him
Get suspended, and those two days feel like 2 weeks
Your friend calls you on the phone and says he wants to meet


[Verse 3]
On the outside you feel like this is the right thing to do
But on the inside you don't feel right but at the same time it's true
You don't want to be enemies forever so you decide to go through
You walk up to his house and stare it down from floor to roof
If a man is what you are, being one is what you have to prove
So you knock on the door, gaze through the windows
You watch as the door opens and later wishes that it was still closed
Two creeps in hoodies, guns in their hands, now your wishing you woulda stayed home
They throw you down on the ground punching you till you gotta cracked skull
They put bullets in your head, chest, knees, shoulders and ankles
You were such a good person, you didn't deserve to die
People say I'm wrong for defending you so why should I even try?
But in my eyes, you were real, never told a fucking lie
Mama in tears, and the only thing she ever feared was you losing your life
I know someday we'll meet again, but for right now it's "goodbye"


I see the world drowning in greed instead of killing off it's thieves
Some want to see happiness and freedom, but all I see pain and nothing in between them
I know why you bought that gun, you want the bullet in your brain
But listen to my envision, I promise you I'm not insane
Remember my words, from this day because dying is not as bad as they say
Leave this world behind, ascend from the pain
And I will take you to a brighter day

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