NotNo - Smoke Lyrics


[Hook: Bruno Mars]
Smoke is in the air I'm breathing
My heart has slowly stopped repeating
Everything is dark
I can't see cause smoke is in the air
The songs that I have sung
I'm leaving
For you to figure out the meaning
So you can finally see what I'm seeing
Cause Smoke is in the air

[Verse 1]
I light a cigarette, you walk away
You roll your eyes, quicken your pace
I follow you and try to catch up to see your face
I ask what's wrong and you call me a waste of space
Now imagine that in reality
Good rhymes with no meaning but still a lot of clarity
We like 'em cause we think they can see what we see
But in reality they're so fake
Might as well be rappin' with a green screen
Not sayin' any names, sorry if I sound mean
But Lil Wayne and Rick Ross just took off with my green screen
Hey, I'm just kidding, there's no need to dis me
We all have hard times, rapping isn't easy
I've had mine, my words were undefined
But I still kept my heart pure with a clean state of mind
Just do you, everyday
We can't see the truth cause the bullshit's in the way

[Hook: Bruno Mars]

[Verse 2]
Now if you feel offended
Don't take it personally
But the rap game has turned into a crap game
Cause we still got Glocks and cocaine
The dumbasses are the ones who ain't takin' it seriously
They make jokes, make fun of my race and then laugh at me
This isn't how it was supposed to be
But I guess not everything can be change that you want to see
The truth isn't always the thing that you should believe
Cause government isn't always bringing you the news that you should perceive
Man what has happened?
It all used to be short, sweet and to the point
Now its all about going to court, getin' beat and smokin' a joint
Well what the hell?
People are treating their girlfriends like show and tell
This may be an auction 
But how much truth can I possibly sell?

[Hook: Bruno Mars]

[Verse 3]
These things that I have told you are all part of a connection
Hip hop is a genra
Not a weapon
Keep that in your mind and don't leave it unprotected
Cause if you got the right message you will never be rejected
But if you ignore what you were taught
Consider yourself infected
With well-known diseases known as ignorance and arrogance
Don't point fingers
It was self-injected
How the hell can be good if your nowhere near perfect
Don't ever let your failure become self-accepted
Cause if you let that happen
Then your past mistakes will also be repeated
If you wanna leave, please stay seated
Listen to the truth and give yourself something to believe in
You don't have to be an angel but don't be a demon
Life is a test you don't want to be cheatin'
If I could I'd clear the air so you can see what I'm seeing
But it's hard to do when there's nothing good to breath in

[Hook: Bruno Mars]

I'm gone
I'm gone
I'm gone
I'm gone
Peace out

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