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'95 Hot97 TF5 MC Show Freestyle

[Big L]
Ayo, spark up the Phillies my man and pass that Moet
Big L representin' with the Presidential Rolly
Y'all brothas know me, I step in parties with minks and fly links
Givin' all the ladies eye winks as I buy drinks
As soon as I pick up a mic and start flowin' the people yell
I'm rugged as hell, brothas could tell, that none of ya rappers are rougher than L
My rappin' skills was a great gift
The other night some snake rift and got a hot lead face lift
All through high school I had braids, kept mad blades
Stabbin' teachers to death that gave me bad grades
I cook the mic like a beefsteak
Cause my technique's great /
And I'm the brotha police hate in each state

Yeah, that's a little somethin'. Now I'm a drop one mo' for my man T cause he up in here. Check it out, check it out yeah and ya don't stop, Big L represents, check it out

Yo, I walk around with six thou', sippin' on Cris-tal
My whole clique's foul
I'm rich pal, no more sticks, I'm makin' hits now
The type o' brother that be gamin' yo' freaks
While you out workin' hard, I'm puttin' stains in yo' sheets
And clown hearts, ya put a lot of fear
L is the brotha you better not even try to scare
Cause some hot lead will get you outta here
While I'm rockin' tours you moppin' floors /
And I always deal with kis and not the kind that be lockin' doors
On one three nine and Lenox brothers are bananas
We got bad manners, cops can't stand us, that's why they try to jam us
But I hate jakes, they mad cause I make papes
I'm larger than the Great Lakes with drug spots in eight states
Used to be Little, now I'm double X
Pushin' a bubble Lex', I got connects with foreigners who smuggle tecs
I'm chillin', makin' sure this money is right
Sippin' Sunny Delight, hittin' every honey in sight
I'm the man with all the cream and clout
Cash I'm never seen without, make the ladies scream and shout
Big L is the brotha you dream about
And every girl I got looks like a model
If you ever see me with a chickenhead, she must a hit the lotto
And Uptown is where L rest, I stay well dressed
I write rhymes more than Jamaican niggas sell ses'

Aight, little somethin', little somethin'. I can't hang with my man but I still represented. You know. Yeah, word up

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