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5 Fingers of Death Freestyle

What up Sway
I'm flowing with long verses
It's a long time coming
40 year-old virgin
I'm tap dancing
Bear with the show
All bars, it's the norm

The steps to getting women
I'ma share it with you so
If you can't elevate her
Don't stare at her, bro
All year had the glow
Ain't fair for them dough
Michael Jackson, Brandon Lee
They scared of the crow

I'm a wiz, with a Taylor Gang
Minus the bum, fool
Strong crew carry heat
But it's all cool
They got my back
Fuck a bar stool
So that will be a life guard
You'll swim in trunks
That's a car pool
All my soldiers got war wounds
They war hounds
And they got skin to spare
Without a harpoon
I develop like cartoons in dark rooms
With flash films from past films with Tom Cruise
Like it's (?)
I got to teach these bad bitches a thing or two
Like charm school
I'm Bishop when he fought Q, using (?)
One step ahead
Get checked making the wrong move
That's chess, get it straight
I levitate
That's just plain black and white
I don't segregate
I'm just after the G's, just like the letter H
On stage I kick it better than Kevin Gates

Check it out.............okay
Meanwhile, I had a freestyle
But now I gotta get 3 thou
Just for checking it
Just for wrecking it
I'm fire, like the apprentices
That's Donald Trump
Call me Mickey Factz, Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck
I got (?) in my products
Matter fact, you wanna get a sip of vodka
I got my water
I got your daughter
Don't be mad if you come back
Got the slaughter
Like that's the show that you was up on
When you hosted it
I'm roasting it
Everybody like a toast to it
Got to still come back, give a toast to hit
No blunder, DJ Wonder, my brother
Gotta still bust a rhyme like Busta
Fuck her, motherfucker, in a truck
Had Y-3, motherfucking suckers
I don't even gotta just tell
What the fuck
Niggas know I'm ugly like Hell Rell
Still tryna get the money, yup
Tryna sell
It's all good, (?) in the hood
Niggas like damn
How the nigga sell (?)

Overdosed with the dopest flow
Blindfold a hoe for a oral show
They don't look me in my eyes
That's cause I close 'em both
Back seat cabin
Just to give head by accident
I poke her nose
That's a safe haven or a vacation
Look baby, I own it even if Wayne say it
My art hurts to make it look at the spray painting
I mold pain with my voice, even the Clay Aiken
But let me switch gears like a mountain bike
Cause punchlines only showing people I can fight
I give these topics some kind of life
But out of spite
It's Vanity Fair
Only dealing with somebody white
Example, Caitlyn Jenner is a pretty woman
She got the media going crazy
They really pushin'
Now let's check out this Serena Williams footage
It's all over the net
That shit is really crooked
She look like a man
Yo, stop it with the antics dawg
That's shows the back and forth
That was my example, y'all
How does a woman look like a man
Shaped with a body
People paying for with a scam
But a man can be a woman
And strut (?) when he stand
That other men can
, or won't
Bravery, that's what I read
What about them (?) boys
(?) to the feds
Or the LA Clippers
After what Donald Sterling said
My bad, I think I'm saying too much
Give me my meds

Who the best, niggas couldn't tell me
Ask me, I pick myself like I took a selfie
Try to find a back bar
Couldn't help me
They searching through my grammar tryna look for (?)
Everybody know what's going down
No gravity, you know I got to hold it down
Put the show around
You know what's going down
Freestyling off the top with my crown
Put the snap phone, let the show begin
Snapchat any facts rap
I'm a global gym
Searching through the right (?)
Just to find the (?) within
Living single, only dating women that's over ten
Times are better
Grind for cheddar
I'm top shelf, you complaining
Wine and cellars
We can rhyme whenever
No mistake, old school, new school
You choose, go find a era

Double meaning facts
No lie detector
Mickey's mind is clever
I apply the pressure
Yamamoto's all the time
Yeah my Y's are fresher
Call me Jeff Goldblum
Cause I'm a fly professor
He was a scientist
Blue flame fire (?)
New age comic flips
Cage, fire first
Fighting Apocalypse
Venom and denim
Going to war with Doc Octopus
Wait, I'm too good for the radio
And shawty said she too good for fellatio
You know how to reply works
I told her get used to it
Or swallow her pride first
I deal with models in Prada's
And high skirts
They wear red bottoms and (?)
She worried about her soul
She need to be worried bout her soul
But she got them Burberry's on her toes

More (?) I suppose
So she strippin' like
She a hungry politician
Cause she already on the pose
But I'm off that
And let me fall back
And put some spine in my rhymes
Bring the bars back
I did a commercial with Honda
Then lost that, it's online
But I hate when they ask
Where the car, Factz?
Pull up bars cause they over your head
I make you look up bars, like you sober instead
Ay, I'm on my way to Vegas
He the homie makin' (?)
And we be car hoppin' like a roller skating waitress
And me without bars is like Kobe hate the Lakers
I'm searching through the bible
For the (?)
Looking for the truth
They put us on the tree
Then they put us in the booths
You looking at the proof
Rappers wanna be super
Man, they in the lowest lane looking for the booth

Me, I'm Clark Kent
I'm daily planning among us
Out in DC, with my own league
It's just us
Cops run up on me with guns tuck
And point a Glock on me
With hollows loaded inside
Guess my luck's up
But that's me in a battle for my life
Cause I happen to be black
And they happen to be white
See the snakes in the grass
See, they crafty in the night
I feel like Adam biting through half of the apple with his wife
But that's a black man's tale
That's a Pac-man cell
Shawty gave me a lap dance well
Wanted my sidekick's dick
Till I took off my Batman belt
Head nurse
Now I know how a fat man felt
Hard to get up after like a fat man fell
The (?) stage, it's high appraise
I wanna be next to the love like Lebron James
I got paid in a Dali painting, I'm outraged
The watch hot but it melted, check out the time frame
Mause, pottery to photography
I'm working with em like Apollo Creed and Rocky 3
I'm selling shirts and comic books
Who tryna read?
Cop 'em together, now that's what I call a novelty

But speaking of clothes, wait
I don't think my bro Ye
Was okay when he told Sway
That he ain't got the answers
No way
I think I see his whole face
Go from mister nice guy to Old Jay
Should have tackled him to the ground
Just like the zone play
Yeah, you let him go in, sure
It was (?)

Side bar when I'm planning to speak
I see Kanye tryna be commander and chief
First lady Kardashian peeped
If (?) see the vice-president
Then that will be deep
Imagine video shot in the cabinet suite
Kerry Washington scandals (?) weeks
Somebody call the po
He running in 2020, listen
Couldn't see him in 20/20 vision
But respectfully speaking
Let's get back to the guy
Run for governor, Ye
Go back to the shy
There is people in the south side
Where they actually die
I be with it if he serious
Period, but not if it's a joke
When I see him stand-up
That's delirious
Maybe he was in sess, saying it like Insidious
I just really hope it's not something ridiculous
But back to the skill set
I'm real fresh, wondering how ima get a meal next
Shout-out to DJ wonder, here is the real test
Got to make sure that people

Grandmaster and J-Jam Jay
I got to show respect
Feelin' myself like I'm Mac Dre
Flow like a (?) juice
Lean with it like I'm DJ Skrew
Mindset of 2Pac, metaphors of Lamont
That's Big L
Respect to the Bronx and (?)
Know that I never fail
Cause you know I'm still repping that
MC Breed, miss with Nate Dogg
Still feelin' that (?)
Still eating Donuts with J Dilla
Like Hulu
Free styling like Proof do
Premiering like Guru
People looking at me look who knew?
Quick story, (?) by ya
Co-supplier in the game for the nose divers

They be looking at the people like they nose divers
It's all good, they head on fire like Ghost Rider
Had the heat on his head
He had to flee with the key on his leg
Hit the work
That's what I call a blow dryer
(?) Williams
I heard you need a ghostwriter
Hit me up man, if you want some more fire

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