NotNo - Abstinence Lyrics


[Intro: Skit]
Aw shit, aw fuck it
Im so fuckin high right now
So fuckin
Uhh... shit
What was I gonna say?

[Hook 2x]
We all have an addiction
We all have an addiction
We all have an addiction
It don't matter
What your shit is

[Verse 1]
Look at your life that you were happy with
Bottles of patron and bricks under a mattress
You Know youre all alone and still you wanna pass it
Texts is on your phone
Questions you were askin
You forgot you were alone and then started laughin
Bitch might throw a bone
Not even the kings were high on theyre thrones
Your not flying your hydroplaning like an airboat
And when time slows the things that ya see could then float
I feel that feeling in the back of my throat
That good things will end for whatever reasons we don't know
But don't let it get you down
Ambition, intuition will be ran to the ground
Whatever will kill is comin for you now
You hear a sound outside, are the cops still around?


[Verse 2]

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