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Alphabet Bitches

[Intro: Lil Wayne]
Santana I see you, haha
Citas's son!
Mama please don't be mad at me for this one
But I gotta tell my story...
I had to do it
Check, my name is Weezy baby
Please say the baby if you're not don't say it at all
This is my story

[Verse 1:]
Well the A is for Ashley
She always ask for me to take it out her pussy
Put it right in her ass and the
B is for Brittany she right in the class
She be hatin on Ashley cause she tight in the ass
The C is for Christina want me to big screen her
The way she dick Kiss should be a misdameanor so if you seen her
I been searchin but can't find her
Ever since I been wit Diamond wit Diamonds in her vagina
And the E is for ever elegant Erika
Sweet red bitch
We used to call her Miss America
I ain't gon lie now Ericka is a dog
But to the that magnolia nigga she done fucked em all, (Slim! )
Speakin of slim, the f is for Fat
A real skinny ho so you know
Why they call her that
And the G for gabriel, you can call her Gabby
But all my homeboys seem to call her nasty (man)

These are my bitches, my Alpha Bitches
These are my bitches, my Alphabet Bitches
These are my bitches, my Alpha Bitches
These are my bitches, my Alphabet Bitches

I get bitches (say what)
I get bitches (say who)
I get bitches (say huh)
I get bitches
You got (oh)
You got (oh)
You got (oh)
You got

[Verse 2:]
H is for my H-town homegirl Heather
Head haze, purple pussy pills For Ever
My mami's dedicated aw, she neva tell me no
The most she say is not here and then uh
I is for Isis mami a pisces
She fuck rappers for free, but hit them actors wit prices
They always pay cause her body the nicest
But I hit that everyday back when I had the wife I
J for Joanessa kinda sexy wit light eyes
She didn't make the band but she still doin quite fine
The K for Kia
I hate that bitch
Because she super fuckin fine
But she can't take that dick
And then the L is for LaKia
That's Kia's twin
Night and day everytime we fuck I fall right in
And the M is for Maria, Madia, Madieah
She hangs out wit NeCole whose fuckin Olivia


Verse 3:]
P for Paulina she go all night
If I don't fuck her once a week she prolly go on strike and the Q
Is for Queen cause she is my Queen
But she can't ride it like Ranada but her body is mean and the
S is for Shayna a sucker in bed
She take advantage of the fact that I'm a sucker for head
And the T is for Tara too much Mascara
Tone down on the blush like you tryna scare her
U for Ursula she wit Vicky
They both come over and work out wit me
The W for Wanda she kinda remind ya
Of that game streetfighter hands like Ehonda
The Y for Yvette she get wetter than most
She always try to get high but I just let her get low
And last but not least the Z goes to Zara
She gets high off Zimphandale and masturbates to The Carter


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