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[Verse One : Mibbs]
See back in high school I used to love to see you out in the bleachers
The reason why I couldn't pay attention to teachers
The first day I seen you, I knew you were a keeper
Fly from your hair to the sole of your sneakers
Your first boyfriend didn't know how to treat ya
You laughed when you heard I put his ass in a sleeper
Cause he didn't deserve you, cause he had the nerve to
Disrespect ya momma keep you out past curfew
March 31st was the day of my pursuit
May 25th was the day of our first woooo
June 13th was the day that I hurt you
And all you did was leave me with the trace of your perfume
September 4th the new school year started
And I heard you with Marvin well I heard he's retarded
I Conjured up a plan to break you up with your man
And it all worked well we got back by college
He don't Hit It like I hit it boo, not like how big Mibbs Do
My connection is spiritual, I'll be raising my kids with you
You just keep your body tight, make-up sex every time we fight
I'll get you a ring when the time is right
When your mind is right and mine is right
Dynamite, I'm in flight
Feeling is if this feeling is wide open
And I'm floating, to that wider light
Hope you wear your tights tonight, you know that's like my favorite theme
Washing up with that Maybelline, like I'm hearing an angel sing (angel sing)

Thought I was gone, but now baby it's on
(So glad were back together)
Thought I was gone, but now baby it's on
(So glad were back together)
Thought I was gone, but now baby it's on
(So glad were back together)
Thought I was gone, but now baby it's on
(So glad were back together)

[Verse Two: Like]
Please excuse the late attendance
We promised we'd show up, we just had to straightening business
Cause some was hating bitches, we out here chasing riches
Was plotting on your spot while y'all was flossing taking pictures, cheese!
Cheddar cheese, hella trees, smell the weed
We blowing, we floating, seven seas, speed boating
Tell 'em freeze, we going for the safe
See that weapon he's holding, he's going for the face, red dot
Head shot, we roll up in that place, nine deep
No line, no admission, nice try, no permission
I'm fly, no magician trick, this is it, Mr.Ritz
Even Ferragamo, with some vintage shit
Don't mention kicks 'less they 808's or
You rocking some classic shit they don't make boy
I'mma tell you, I've been beasting on these tracks
These other niggas thinking they can rap
Til you throw 'em in the pit and watch them sleeping on they backs (Damn)
Bending corners, tipping over, sipping on some Henn and Cola
Basketball Champ, can drop 20 in some penny loafers
Killa Cal, this the style, blow them whistles on ya
Raised where the cops can't wait to pull them pistols on ya


So glad were back together
So glad were back together
And I'll never let you go
(Aw Yea, AW Yeea)

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