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Bay Area Freshman 2012 Cypher

I'm on paperwork so I'm considered illegal
I spit Black Panther, motivation for the people
Cup of Activis, Bobby Seale in the beela
I'm sipping muddy waters, but I don't need FEMA
5 for the bricks, so I'm taxing on the wetwork
Sitting on the money like I'm J.G. Wentworth
The game like a buffet, I'm brunching on beats
February fifteenth, the day I was released
First they love you then they hate you then they love you again
Gucci frames on my face, now all I'm seeing is seven men
Washington, Jefferson, Jackson, Hamilton
Grants and the Benjamins, Lincoln; the seven men
Four quads in the brick, litre got one quad
I'm 2Pac and Alpo in the same mind
I'm Michael Jordan on the mic when it's game time
Blowing cherry pie and cookies at the same time

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