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40 Glock User (Remix)


Ay, High Definition nigga...

[Verse 1]

My young niggas on gas throwing gang signs
Strap to a nigga neck like a bowtie
My young niggas hopping out, y'all drive-by
I got gas, clap a nigga like a high-five
Thank God every day that I'm still alive
All my niggas hot boys and we slanging iron
Me and my bakery boys, we be slanging pies
Record label full of convicts like Akon
My young bitch blow up like a time bomb
My grown bitch old enough to probly be my mom
Your ex hubby know me, he don't want none
Nigga we could shoot it out like in Vietnam
Go and get yourself a gun cause I keep one
I hit P for the ? cause he keep some
Don't nobody move, don't even blink
You keep flirting with death I let that nickel wink
We on the same shit from the Noya to the Deep
Boy fuck with me I let that 30-dick skeet
Bearfaced tatted, had to put it in ink
If you see me with a bitch, then you know that's me
Don't trust me bruh I'm so ST
Shout out to my nigga Monquell and C
Blast told me knock out any beef
Not Isley Brothers but I put boy between the sheets
I'm a young G blowing on OG
I'm a young stamper, smoke niggas like ?
Rims look handsome, my piece costs ransom
Like rims on a Magnum, looking like a Phantom
Riding with the thump, taking penitentiary chances
Cause I'm bout whatever under any circumstances
Stacks in my New Era cap, I'm flashing
All you suckas better get back, I'm flashing
I ain't never falling off, bitch I'm certified
Keep a bad ho bitch and she bonafide
I pillow talk with no bitch, tell 'em ho or die
Sweating bitches down the blade, playing both sides
Keep a stuffy nose, and the swoll eyes
Rubber-band rich man on that rich man high
I stay with mine, you can get it any time
I stay with Ruger, I'm a 40-Glock user
SK shooter, bad bitch chooser
Make your bitch choose up, never with the movement
I'm all about my Gouda, nobody you should fuck with
Quick to shoot you, ask my niggas that I fuck with
You fuck with them, I'm the nigga that you stuck with
Aim, ? and bust it cause baby I love it...


Any fonk, I'm with that
Dough, I get that
Blow, I did that
Wigs, get pushed back

Fonk, I'm with that
Dough, I get that
Blow, I did that
Wigs, get pushed back

Bearfaced nigga, Livewire
Bearfaced nigga, Livewire

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