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Represent the Struggle

[Verse 1]
They say the sun don't come out until it rain
I'm posted in my poncho on the block making exchange
6-1 I shit, I still remain
Niggas act like they want it until they feel the pain
Close range, shake your frame, just for crossing up game
Get you put in the dirt for throwing dirt on my name
I trusted you nigga even let you rock with my thang
Gotta feed you with a long spoon shit ain't the same
Put in work for my block and still on my job
What I do for a living? Sell dope and rob
Still leaning on suckas over cheddar with Rod
In the booth we spit that dope shit that come back twice
Syrup blend purple sprite yeah that mix game nice
Best of both worlds me and Lil Tim off pints
And I've been with the shit all my life
Me and my young hustlers they cook coke like rice
It's the H

I represent the struggle
Have money have heart have more than one hustle
We pushing this weight gotta have a little muscle
Gotta stay rocking or the goons gonna bust you
I represent the struggle
Brought back two so I'm jugging on the bubble
I'm out here trapping trying to make my money double
Short stop all gas leave you leaking in your puddle

[Verse 2]
Like my lil brah Leek I shoot niggas and dice
6-1 smack smack we don't do the fist fights
Keep your lips tight, cuddle up, sit tight
Niggas telling on themselves, giving up their rights
Cup caking they got you wide open
When I slide shots fire when my 9 open
Ice City aka North Oakland
Sell you goods for the low cause they most likely stolen
Same number, same hood, still rolling
El nino locked down still focused
If we can't get you then we knocking off the closest
Making bitches turn tricks like Hocus Pocus
All about my Oprah, strip niggas like poker
I'm a Bearfaced goer, Ice city soldier
Big in my trap paid in full like Porter
I ain't talking heads or tails if I say I flipped a quarter
It's the H


[Verse 3]
Team head captain
Still calling plays from inside the huddle
We run them like hurdles, slide like turtles
Slow when we lean on suckers over Gerbers
Gotta get further natural born earner
I send bitches rolling up with us like Ike Turner
Or Justin Timberlake she can cry me a river
For turtled up I leave suckers freezing like winter
Rocking front and center, Breaking when I enter
I'm thinking bout a lash while the nigga on spinners
Ice city sinner ask god to repent
Lost so many niggas and I'm still with the shit
Still trapping on the graveyard shift
Any funk I let the AR spit
Short stop meet the 4-5 nick
If you ain't been with the squad then get the fuck off our dick
Thank You


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