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More Den 1 Hustle

Sliding through finna wake up a small town
Stack of them sliders, i'm finna shut the mall down...

More then one hustle trying to get rich
I sold dope before I ever sent a bitch
You sold your soul to them people you a snitch
Half poodle, half coward, half bitch
I fell off then bounced back off a zip
He a lash, he look like a lick
Sliding through finna wake up a small town
Stack of them sliders, i'm finna shut the mall down

[Verse 1]
My mamma named me HD, trill nigga is biblical
Keep a pound on me in-case niggas wanna get physical
AR-15 shake em' fast like Mystikal
Look me in my eyes, see a killer and his serial
I'm checking guap out your bitch all lyrical
Mouthpiece making these wheels believe in miracles
Bitch niggas going federal (Snitch ass)
My chopper hungry and you suckas looking edible
Bearfaced no mask when I let it go
Niggas get it how they live in my trap bro
Track down a four but I really need an eight though
I got dope dick finna give it to this bad hoe
The pussy good but I really need the cash though
Get your mind right or get left with my last ho
All about my guap little nigga i'm focused
Blowing on the color purple tryna eat like Oprah


[Verse 2]
Trap house 20gs in the sofa
Brick of syrup in the freezer right next to the soda
9mil in the cabinet I'm a Ice City soldier
6-1 General salute or move over
More then one hustle trying to get rich
And when it get triffe I might have to Lil Flip
We on syrup like the Screwed Up Click
Lean team what is it, line up a brick
I ain't never gonna quit, quitting ain't my shit
Push Barry and White you could take yo pick
R.I.P Boonts and Nuge I ain't selling i'm sipping
And if I ever get caught in it I ain't telling i'm sitting
It's that new shit Hi-Def in The Six bitch
She a goer she can suck a Tic Tac through a Liquorice
Ima shoot it like L'z clip a nigga from a distance
Yo family ain't safe anybody gets it


[Verse 3]
My posse Mob deep like the Dog Pound, waking up a small town
Meet so many bitches I wish I could knock them all down
Young H you wanna know how hard sound
Ain't nothing soft bout these vocals that I put down
On me I be going all year round
LiveWire cut the check when H come out
Bearfaced we a threat to you niggas now
We laying suckas down every time we come around
They won't stay solid don't break the oath
Once you sign that statement it's murder she wrote
I ain't gotta say shit you already know
Just to be free again niggas sell they soul
Better stick to the script and know your role
I caught my first pistol case 16 years old
I'm in the middle of the shit with nowhere to go
Ice City 6-1 i shit is all i Know


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