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The Rain

[Verse 1: Blast Holiday]

Seeing shadows smoke kryptonite
And when I wake, won't remember what I did this night...
Long as my kids is right
Forbid this life, with all the promises that's made to be broken
Scuba diving in a codeine ocean
Screw-driving, car feel like it's floating, through the backstreets
Rat Pack in the backseat
Sammy Davis and Frank Sinatra
Not the ones that'll whisper to coppers, big guns
That'll whistle and flock up 'fore the missiles come drop you
Share some words with Oscar Grant the third
Bet Johannes Mehserle get what he deserve
Pass my buddy the herb, to disappear through the
Clouds of smoke, this feeling that I'm feeling is dope
This rhyme chilling like my pen off coke
Cause this the illest shit I ever wrote
Secret society of criminals that never broke
Facing a double life sentence, all he got is hope, just to cope...
It seem like just yesterday we had no pots to piss in
No money to cop spliffs to put piff in
Cracked our first pyrex in your granny's kitchen
Closer to each other when the money was distant
Now he gone and I miss him, wishing I was with him...

[Verse 2: HD]

Summertime grittin', trnya get it how I live it
Niggas in my trap whipping and it ain't no soup kitchen
Pitbull by the door, if a nigga come tripping
Squeeze it to the limit, leave a bitch nigga timid
22s like Emmet, 33s like Pippen
Rock 23 like Jordan when I'm scoring
When it rain in the Ice, it get to pouring
Looking at a felony, you better get your lawyer
Chee-Chee and L-Boogie's feeling just like Lauryn
Choking on the sweetest thing, got me high soaring
Through the sky, free Lil Rod on 61-I
Turned into a high-speed, started as a joy ride
RIP Lil C, that's just how the boy died
Two eyes on my Glock, you could call me four-eyes
Two gerbers, that mean I'm finna pour five
Fake niggas telling fairy tales like story-time
I remember the drama, and the pain it brung
At a early age, a user of weed and guns

I was corrupted as a young nigga man...

[Verse 3: HD]

Legit don't matter, climbing up this ladder
Destruct you, rocking with my thang in public
XP like an egg carton, he hold dozen
But I will Smith like Jada's husband
Feeling like Akon, I still will kill
Whites beating niggas down like they did Emmet Till
Now for Lovelle Mixon bust off your steel
Because whenever I die, I wanna go out real
He died for the cause, not a ripped up bill
Tried to sell him K-Roll, copped a brick and a Sig
? we burned the Joseph, pigs with a license to kill
Got birds, lawsuit I hope they get up from here, thank you...

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