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61 indestructible...

Visions of Aaleah sitting in a candy drop, sweet sixteen...


I'm a bloodsucking, cold-hearted motherfucker
For my other brother, quick to pop a motherfucker
Word to my mother, I'm the son of a hustler
Tryna make it bubble, no love for you suckers
This the home wrecker, top-hat dome-checker
Chess piece no checkers, posted in the coldest weather
We feeling twin Berettas, put it to your cerebellum
He got his issue, should've been under the umbrella
34 West and for the sig niggas telling
Like Omar Epps in ? I was a first time felon
Then I caught my second, lash money for the bail man
H returned back from the gates of Hell man
On a chicken trail like a hike through the Amazon
Watch where you shoot a nigga, the people keep they cameras on
If you wanna do a nigga, clap a nigga, send him home
Freezing bones with this S&W, black and chrome
Niggas try to speak our lingo but they just clones
Turf hoppers never had a home to call they own
(Fuck outta here) Only active on the microphone
23 shots in my dick, I got the Michael on
MJ, lean on a nigga think he champion
All-nighters, my city never sleeps, no ambient
61 indestructible like Adamantium
Bearfaced, put your money down, who got a fade for him?
Life a dice game, better shoot don't crap out
Try to slip the dice, slip yourself and get smacked out
Niggas rapped out, H still trapped out
This the real Hip Hop, well connected to my hip ock
Fuck all white everything, nigga this is black ops
Just to eat I'm issuing junkies on the blacktop
Visions of Aaleah sitting in a candy drop
Sweet sixteen, look at everything that daddy got
So I'm tripping if a nigga try to shortstop
No Pete Rose, hitting home runs, bring my niggas home
Guapale, bricks and these suckas what we sitting on
Guapale, bricks and these suckas what we sitting on

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