NotNo - Beginners Lyrics


There once was a time when people believed that the phrase "Born with Talents" was a lie. You see people can be so blind, so narrow-minded, so anti-ambiguous that they fail to realize the possibilities of what one particular person can actually be capable of. People are born with talent. All people. Not just you and me, everyone. You too have a talent as well. You just gotta get out there and find it

[Hook (2x)]
RIP RIP from the skull
RIP RIP from the skull
Motherfuckers wanna judge us till they make it their goal
RIP RIP from the skull
RIP RIP from the skull
Motherfuckers wanna judge us till they make it their goal

[Verse 1]
Sitting bull, bury my heart at wounded knee
I know mistakes at times are too easy to repeat
My dad gave me the same speech when I was 16
Listening was easy but I find it hard to believe
That I can't be a millionaire by my thirties if Im worthy
If God is my judge then I invite you to be my jury
So you can demonstrate to me how my vision is blurry
Ready to die tryin not even carin' if it hurts me
I dump my theories spread it around like its Burts Bees
Take a stand against the wrong things cause thats how it ought to be
Same mindset like Pac before they got him in the lobby
People askin me when I get signed will I sell out
Out loud Im sayin hell no but in my mind Im thinkin probly
If you wanna know the key to failure just ask Bill Cosby
Its taunting, true this life is haunting


[Verse 2]
I hate seeing gifted MC's waste their potential
Check their credentials, oh wait thats confidential
They repeating themselves like they on a menstrual
Cycle, switchin up my flow so you know my words like the bible
Corolla no brakes yeah you know know that I idle
If what goes up must come down
Then what goes forward must go backwards
This is a message for all of you rappers who babble
If you at the top get ready to drop cause Im comin' after your title
You can't stop me I stay in the same direction like the Nile
Im the definition of perfection you just an exception as a rival
Ain't no tellin when time will change your views, your curfew
You dissin women as if your mother never birthed you
And all you focused on is how much your album will sell
You once were her heaven now your givin her hell
And still you wonderin how in the fuck you fell


[Verse 3]
What happened to decency? What happened to peace and ease?
Now everybody want in the game just to gain a Jesus piece
Only language we speakin of is blunt passin and trapanesse
But that's only part of the reason why I can't take your wack ass seriously
I be over in the corner laughin my ass off til Im gaspin hysterically
These kids don't have souls, the devil bought'em
The minute we start doing codeine is the day that we lost it
Out in the market, no green or ecstasy in they pocket
Thats why they turn to hip hop with the intention of makin a profit

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