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BET Cypher 2016

[Intro: DJ Drama]
Ladies and gentlemen, yours truly DJ Drama. For the first time ever, a one-on-one cypher, a one-on-one battle, two MC's. One has sold over 80 million records, a thousand features, numerous Grammy's and BET Awards, and the other one, hasn't done a goddamn thing. Let's go

[Verse 1: Lil Wayne]
Forget all my adversaries, I puff the baddest mary
Watch your vocabulary, cause I go Conan Barbarian
My watch is like Halle Berry
Man I watched my dad get burried, man I watched my ex get married
I used to pop X with Paris, I made her lay next to Sarah
We used to have sex on camera, I used to pop X and viagra
And act it was natural stamina, double cupping like Pamela
Double up her like a gambler, streetsweeper, I'm a janitor
Y'all weak like a calendar, heh, beyond weak
Yeah, I'm getting close to a billion in arm reach
Yeah, all I could see from my building is palm trees
Yeah, Katrina had us trapping out a RV
Heh, we dripping, and y'all weak
I leave your brains right there on your broad cheek
And bloodstains all over your offspring
I thank the gang and police, they all link
Hold up, why you flinching slime? Call your henchmen slime
You know I draw down, you draw attention slime
Fiend searching in a haystack for syringes slime
D-boy got em flipping like some ninjas slime
See em tweakin', see em crying, see em limping slime
That some symptons slime, I can prevent em slime
Split your head right in two like split decision, slime
I been through hell and back, came back in mint condition slime
Hold up, now its time to drop the window, slime
Toss out your demo, I ain't even like your intro, slime, haha
I go hard, like Kimbo, slime
You know my M.O. slime, spit that A-M-M-O, slime
Hold up, I go hard, like Kimbo, slime
You know my M.O. slime, spit that A-M-M-O, slime

[Interlude: Chocolate Droppa]
I'ma make it real simple and qaint
Before I start, shout out to my brother, my man Kevin Hart
Go see his movie What Now?
Ay Drama (What's up Droppa?)
Y'all are like a old man walking down the street in a Pamper
I'm about to shit on these niggas (What?)
I guess that all depends
Wordplay, figure it out
Let's get it

[Verse 2: Chocolate Droppa]
Gritty grimy grits on your lady tits
Sloppy Joes, I'm spreading it, one all you hoes
Droppa's insane, the rest of y'all, are lame
I'm taking back what's mine, I'm talking 'bout that fucking fame
Whoo, you did it to yourself people
Droppa back, 'bout to do it to you people
Uh, that anger's at an all-time high
Yeah, I eat my bread, I'm talking rye
Uh, money coming out of duffel bags
Yeah look at your boy, in the duffel bag
Got the trash bag, dark green
Coming 'round the corner in that pure mint green
Asian, switch it up, [?]
Coming back in different languages and I don't play
Uh, Droppa, Droppa, Droppa
I'm talking 'bout my car, the old one
Matter fact, take the gun, take your son, you better run
Switch my flow up, let me get real serious
Cause when Droppa come hard, I get delirious
What Now? It's my sound
I'm not playing, I'm taking it down, come back to my ground
Whoo, Drama, drop the beat twice
Matter fact tell everybody I hate mice, ow, uh
Rodents make me sick, they can kiss my ass
Come back one time, Droppa, first not last, let's go

[Outro: Kevin Hart]
187 bars in two minutes
It ain't never been done
I did a time, get your money or let your check get you
(What Now?)

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