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It's five thirty in the mornin man
I got a bottle of Dom P in my hand
I got my mind on my money
Oh yeah ima get that paper nigga

Co co cocaine
And ima die in this dope dope dope game
I'm gettin high on this dro dro dro man
Ain't got no time for these hoes hoes hoes man
I do my own thing x2

[Verse 1]
I've been water whippin' all day
Yeah, and being right
We got a couple good plays
They payin' right
And I get money in alotta ways
Not only white
But the green bought my daughter jays
(say what) Im feelin light
If I don't profit I ain't fucking with it, sell it to me cheap
You never know one day I might be sittin' in your seat
Got my cell phone poppin but I dont ever speak
And I feed alotta niggas that I will never meet
You know the lights out, and theres bout a hundred in the house
All my neighbors call me baby they dont know what I'm about
Neighbors lookin' at me crazy cause they see me showin' out
Wanna congratulate me but they scared to open up they mouth
Like slow slow slow man
And im strapped
Half of it in the bag and a whole one still wrapped (Come on)
If the speed limit 55 ima do 50
But if they fuck with me they gon' have to come get me


[Verse 2]
I been starrin' out my rear-view
Who that
I'm paranoid
Ima quit in like a year or 2 (say what)
So help me lord
Niggas on theyre bikes watchin'
They on the clock
So im still getting it off when the block is red hot
Reachin 20 sales wide open
I'm ratchet with it
Sorry that you kids see me do it
I had to get it
We was all hollin bingo
But I got on it
I got fronted me a single
I said I want it
Now Im peacin' out my pack
Called it two for two
If I give you somethin over homie that was on the strip
Yeah Im in it for the long run
No time limit
They say the drought season gon' come
Yeah right im on bitch
Ridin' dirty in the Phantom ho
I'm goin' nuts
Still ain't went and got my licence though
Nope, dont give a fuck
All these rappers out here money low (I know)
They know what's up
When their records ain't selling they gotta come see Buck, cause I got


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