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[Thoughts from MauSe]

Beck: "I can't believe what we've seen outside. You and me watching the jets go by."

[Verse 1]
I'm being watched for the wrong reasons
All scheming
They say they love you but they hate you in all seasons
They spring up when you win turns to more freedom
Cause they want summa ya bread before you fall screaming
Believe it, quiz Ripley about the kid mickey
The artist with 4 eyes but not from Mississippi
Ironically I ain't got nothing but vision in me
I'm ill when I paint words nobody sicker than me
I heal when I spray words its no Achilles with me
But clones still wanna kick and hit me
I scare bastards, ghost on the air you fear Casper
Eyes watch but it never works out for stare masters
I'm judged, every year after I hear laughter
Invade your mind, your ear captured, thereafter
So many people got opinions on my dominion
I've worked for what I've earned I'm not offended, I meant it

So many people... So many people...
"Where do I go? Where do I go?
I'll never know, I'll never know."
So many people... So many people...
"Where do I go? Where do I go?
I'll never know, I'll never know."

See its a shame, how money will make people strange
So when people change, I don't even give the people change

[Verse 2]
Your relatives are first to try & take advantage
Family tree cross me, then I'm breaking branches
Spray paint a canvas
Create a world you can't find like when God made Atlantis I'm displaying talent
Preying mantis, I make em panic
Rape the planet, fuck the world, I'm naked dammit
I came with nothing and I leave with nothing
I don't have faith in suckers I believe in something
And that's me, Mickey MauSe my splash reach
Is longer than rap sheets by criminal athletes
To me its a sport, vacation in the gulf
On a scale of one to ehh you know who ten is, of course
The Arthur Ashe of the street autographs
I'm the shit, you a toilet splash that's talking trash
Brain crowded, evade cowards
Mask on leave my mark on a strange tower


Such a pity I don't give love in my own city
I had to fly overseas to get love for Mickey

[Verse 3]
MauSe, see I'm gentle with the pencil
Trips to Asia, stencil work on a temple
Respected by the elders, packed my Nintendo
Never beat Zelda but Mario was simple
Fans adored me, no security on me
Ladder on the side of a forty floor story
Black Riddler who concentrated ask Hitler
Camped out, in the Jihad river and had dinner


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