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Cry Like A Man

Cry Like A Man
Dan Penn

Take a look around you,how much longer can you live this way
Trash on the floor from weeks before,just gets deeper by the day
Can't let go of that foolish pride,you keep it locked up inside
Time to face the pain,stand up and cry like a man
Theres no one left to blame now,she had her reason why she had to go
The feelings you hid the love you could'nt give kept her from touchin your soul
You got to break down that fortress inside and surrender to the tears in your eyes
You'll never be free again til you cry like a man

Theres no shame in letting teardrops fall,its a good thing it'll be alright
A little rain can make the trees grow tall,you've got to be strong, so stand up and cry like a man

You know shes gone for good now,your love is torn beyond repair theres not a trace of a tear on your face there ought to be some there those deep emotions you keep in the dark,if you dont let them out there goin to freeze up your heart you'll never be free again til you cry like a man So Stand Up and Cry Like a Man


If you are playing with the recordings I have made -try capo on 3rd or 4th fret

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