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Da Drought

Weezy F Baby, F ya ladies so quick so fast
No lines, no laughs, just wine and grass
And sometimes they might lie in grass
Whatchu know bout getting coke sucked off my dick then put it in her ass?
Im nasty huh? But she like that shit though
So I like that trick ho but never wife that bitch, no
But never mind that bitch though, got plenty more
Hen' and Mo', women know.. Weezy Deuce Bigalow
So tell ya crew hello
The game come with the boy, the boy come with the game bitch I'm a GameBoy
She from across the club, I got range boy
DJ let her know I came and she came
White as cane in the Range, drop-drop on the thangs like stop, pop, chop and slang
Yea mayne, cop, pop, chop and slang where the cops not dropping a thang
Fi, told me to milk it, I did and he said I killed it, so now we both filfthy, brother ya gotta feel me?
And brother you gotta kill me if you want me to ever stop drillin this real shit in ya ears bitch
And Here's this new thang, SQ Wayne, SQ Gang

Date Added: 2017-08-25
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