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Put some rozey in my cup
And put Scoop on that beat
Yeah my posse in the cut
And we roll up 4-5 deep
We up early in the morning
Finna get it while you sleep
It's my time that's beast mode
That's red bow, that's Debo

That's MJ with a fade away
Debo getting paid today
Fuck me you gon' fuck the team
Low pimp game never played today
Shit highschool ride that tape bouffet
Any pics I wave the way
Now I go down more aid await
Could get a pretty bitch out amazing grace
Should I AVH y'all rapper wrong
Niggas be know what papi on
Raised by niggas with khakis on
Alibi sweet acting home
In that carlo racid my chaperone
Patch hoes like Hasselhoff
Up in the morning I'm smashing off
Beastmode might smoke till my stash is gone


I be goddamned if a nigga ever tried to take my bitch
Cause I'mma be goddamned if I gotta drive out and dig a ditch
And I be goddamned if one of his homeboys go snitch
Cause I'mma be goddamned if I gotta drive out and dig a ditch
That's grind time, that's beast mode
That's Rambo, that's Debo, I'm in camo, fleece mode
Stop geeking these street clothes
Ya'll fucking them weak hoes, them freak hoes that don't do shit
Take pictures on instagram, act like they doin' shit
Niggas install my flow that's cool I'm that nigga
Oh girl got ass with it, shoebox got cash in it
My snapback got naps in it, tattoos and black denim
Wack niggas can't rap with us
Pac Div on cash girl


That's how we on it no smiling on it
No styling on it beast baby
I'm growling on it
Don't nobody want it, put a thousand on it
Stacks homie
I'm laying back and I'm reclining
My feet is up their seats is up
My throw aways they sweep 'em up
Niggas talk alot don't read enough
I got a couple questions that I will ask you
How your swag futuristic but your bills past due
Boy I'm in grinding gimme mine
Zoom a patch like the Emmy 5
Bisniss time, I'm worried about me
I'm getting mine, getting lime
Whether pimpin hoes or flipping ozies
It's really ain't no difference homie
We all got dreams of coups
But please don't pigeon homie
Do Nickleodeon these niggas own me
I'm a different breed in a different league
In a different speed
Guess that's why your bitch flew we


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