Lloyd Banks - Don't Deserve You Lyrics

Don't Deserve You

i think i love you
dont let me get in the way
dont let me stop you girl
from doing your thing
cuz i dont deserve you
and i dont wanna hurt you
played with your mind
have you running in circles

believe in the ? i got your mind its usually a one way thing but babygirl got mine perfection is the formula with me and her combined like candy to the corn and your finger looking fine and in time im sure that i can please you squeeze you and dont mislead you loves free, but treat it wrong and pay the price get down on one knee that bitch gon leave with half your life man believe me i aint gon feed you bad advice look its easy so dont forget to strap up tight ride i'd be selfish if i kept you so i love you enough to let you go cause on the other hand i couldnt take it if i put all i got in you and some one got you naked you work hard for money but its harder when you make it these chicks comming fast heres your heart before i break it.


what type of nigga would i be to hold you up you need somone to hold you down and ? your life fucked up i gotta shake you out my system cuz with the fucking and kissing and all your emotions next to me puts me in a tough position baby what am i suppose to do you i cant control my actions when im close to you we been away too long where overdue guess the cake aint enough you wanna eat it too, see me and you have a magnet in between that keeps pulling me closer im like an addict for your scream your fully loaded toasta automatic with the beam, the baddest in the coast i got to have you like the cream. the swag is one of those. i gotta sex drive that wont allow me to relax bring on the next five look how they grind on my lap. booty, breast, thighs keep your boy relaxed in the back and you deserve way more than that, dont let me hold you back.


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