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Dreams of Money

[Thoughts from MauSe]

Are you the first original Mickey Mouse? (Yea)

[Verse 1: Mickey Factz]
Narcoleptic for S's with railroads through it (Hey!)
Dreams of money can get you a jail pose viewing (The Sheriff!)
Beepers and cell phone users are coke rulers
So in summer when snows moving, the roads ruined
(We'll be right over!)
Get a plow, get a blaow, you get a trial
For a rich lawyer to get it reconciled (A customer!)
These dreams turn to nightmares, you'll see Freddy smile
Your life can end in one ring like a wedding vow (The telephone!)
Phone call 'bout a bread pile, will get you drowned
Indecent proposal can leave your whole bed defiled
You want Moore like Demi, so for the chedder now (I'll say we do!)
Ain't nothing on sale, but you selling out
Look where you headed
Searching for a comforter but not where your bed is
For that green sheet you count sheep like a shepherd
Psalm 23, on repeat like a record, that's scratched from the beginning
Slumber for the presidents (Ha ha)
They tried to kill Reagan twice that's evidence (Ha ha)
Women put their bodies on display and sell a bit but not celibate
They waking up hell bent feeling devilish (Good morning)
Money's the root of all evil so the message is
The relatives on your family tree can be your nemesis
Visions of canopy's counting salaries in ya crib
Isn't reality but the fantasy helps ya live (We'll get it)
Homeless people street dream but they can't handle
So they panhandle (Ok!)
Water washed away their sand castle
So they're trapped inside of a black apple
Where the worms go back and forth like hand paddles (Ha ha)
Hanging off a fire escape I see it all
Hand on a ladder, making my words be a wall (What do ya know?)
Could've studied at Seton Hall but luckily me and art
Don't snore or yawn, either or
I'm back bro (Hey!)
Singing lullabies for the cash flow (Hey!)
They call me butterfly cause I'm that dope
Stutter lines got called a cocoon, but when the stacks grow
I attract folks
They assholes who jump in their sleep, tadpoles in bathrobes
Now all they can do is nap, so
They attach dough to fabric up on a flagpole
Salute it like Castro
Beauties turn beast for it, no glass rose
And they would lie worse than pinocchio's last nose (My nose!)
And that's low
Inspiring actress
On a mattress
Slipping out of a black dress
Just to be that next
Bet on their ass and ass bet (On the bed!)
Pillow fights to cash checks
Silly right? Yes
Eyes wide shut
If that's the windows to your soul, put your blinds up (Ha ha ha)
Daydreaming bout my bucks
At least I see what I'm doing so when I rise up
Dollar signs in my eye ducts (Hahahahahaha!)
Cry tears that make sense, blind fear makes strength
My brush sways left, blind folded to the paint sketch (OK!)
My eyes rolling while I take breaths (Yezzir!)
If I doze then I may have slept on what I may have dreamt (Oh Boy!)
Hold up like I made a tent
I'm broke but I'm still paying rent
I'm living like I'm bed ridden how my day is spent
I'm hanging with SegaSonic, but everybody think it's Kemp
Fall asleep with a woman for a ladies scent
Penny for her thoughts, I need closure (Ha Ha!)
Want to be well-rested when it's over (Ha Ha!)
One hand on the holster
Because before I get broke, I'll put myself in a coma

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