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[Verse 1]
Light skin niggas back in his crappy feelings
Ironically shit is over a factz opinion
Notice the talent and cope with the silence
Drake ain't respond and like a bitch you got emotional at it
Guess its me that gotta show you the balance
I was Melo til the bullshit, weighed in, guess who rose to the challenge
Fly guy sho gave my thoughts from the sideline chump
And you should know the consequences of a blindside punch
Why lie, the tides high, get your tye-dye trunks
Ain't been the same since wu-tang fucked the wifi up
Social media whore, on twitter crying, nigga skyping
Glad ice took ya laptop, quit the typing
Ran from the ghost, no snapchat, this man wacker
Drake took tahiry cookies, aubrey graham crack her
Triple entendre, boy we rocking, all these options and you chose Mickey?
The metaphor b hopkins?
The bars keep popping, ignore these, your jaw keep dropping
And give joe L's while Ortiz watching
Im Jason Vorheese boxing, tapping his pockets like he lost his car keys, watch it
Boy please you can't pass the bar sheesh
Make his soul reach Cochran
Bloody glove, Gary Payton with it
Goons put the beam on his eye and give em laser vision
Shoulda been signed to star trek how you klingon shit
And I ain't worried bout a fight, you only swing on chicks
Battled Hollow shit was so petty with ya ego
Put the mic down, don't tell me you was emo
Ima cancer, give his whole skeleton the chemo
And turn joe budden to joe pesci in casino
Soul snatch, yall know factz, every flows crack
Doing the same shit since 05? Where the growth at?
Wait up, the same Mickey I dont change up quick
Drizzy responded at a show and upstaged yo shit
Leave you Laid up stiff, I spit straight up piff
I did real songs with drake no made up shits
Imaginary friendships One sided, loves dying
Royce hated my pants but now he sending doves flying
All these punches hitting ya lip, now the blood drying
Bone thugs, this what it sounds like when thugs crying
His fans gon say he live his life like truman show
Fuck that, turning this shit to the freddy krueger show
Nightmare in jersey, Arsonal had you losing bro
That water gun shit ain't nothing to a bazooka joe
Hit his gums, we can do this rap shit forever
Radio, track for track nigga whatever

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