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Freaky Girl

There was this one freaky girl named Fiona from Dekoda she was a loner,
(Really she a loner?)
Yea homie she be zoning,
She always call me over to bone her but she never sober,
(Come on she never sober?)
Yea homie she be on it all damn day.
One time I told her bend over it's time for us to play,
She said
"let me drink this lemon soda then we gonna lay"
Ok ok ok
So I let her do her thing then we started on out way bang bang
(Bang bang?)
Bang bang bang bang bang bang bang,
She take shot from the china club called chang chang,
She a freaky freaky lady
She be so crazy
(What u mean mick?)
She be yelling out
"rape me tape me take me get the film tape me,
Lick me hit me mickey lets have a baby"
Wait a wait a wait a minute I aint feeling hastey
But maybe maybe maybe we should chill a little lady,
She take a shot of scotch on the rocks
Then everytime I'm about to skeet fiona go and stop...

Date Added: 1970-01-01
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