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[Chorus x 1]
Buglar bars on the mansion window run it up
Bitch I'm up I dont sleep ho
Me and my bitch we dirty in this rental
I got a choppa and I'm peepin through the peep hole
What you think that I get geeked for
I'm so geeked up I'm dodging them people
Still getting geeked up
What you think that I get geeked for
We so geeked up all of us illegal
What you think that I get geeked for

[Verse 1: Young Buck]

I'm in the club with a stick
I filled up all of my pockets look at me I'm a walking lick
These are Margiela you wanna know what are thooose
You wanna know what that is thats going up inside her nose (She so geeked up)
I know some niggas got beat up they should never went put the heat up
A young nigga lost his freedom (Locked up) Fuck it lets roll the weed up (Roll it)
I know a messy bitch thats on a missing page they done caught my messy bitch boostin'
These bitches over here choosin' them niggas over there losing (fuck em)
We ain't been asleep in a week getting money ain't getting geeked
Jaw locking I don't wanna speak molly rocking I dont wanna eat
I'm paying for it I don't wanna lease whole brick I want a piece
In the water I can swim ounces jumping out the gym

[Chorus x 1]

[Verse 2: Young Buck]

Geeking, I'm still geeking I'm still geeked yeah I'm not coming home til next weekend
Me and my bitch beefing we not speaking (she so geeked up)
She put up a post that say she leaving
I got some hoes that drove from Cleveland fuck it I'm bout to go meet em
They say that they'd eat em they gon take these pills and eat em
Don't give me a reason I got killers and a feed em
Its on when we seen em none of us don't believe em
All of us we got enemies niggas trying get even (True)
Malcom X with the choppa standing by the curtain peeping
I'm getting geeked with my partners wide open no sneaking
We unfolding them dollars wide awake no sleeping and I got

[Chorus x 1]

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