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Hood Love

[Buck] G-Unit!!
Can't forget Billy the Kid
[Buck] Aiyyo whassup niggas
Shouts to the Replacements
[Buck] It's like that
Shout out my nigga Attitude
[Buck] My hood is yo' hood

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
The block love me, I'm sick with my whip game
We drive big cars, we like big thangs
These hoes love me, they know I'm gettin money
I'm strapped in this bitch, ye ain't takin nothin from me

[ad libs over Chorus]
... oh!! ... WHAT?! ... NAHH!!!
C'mon! ... fo' sho'! ... WHAT?! ... NAHH!!

[Young Buck]
In the kitchen like I'm Chef Boyardee
Keep half of it white, cook up a quarter ki'
Put some tints on a Grand Am, throw away my phone
Hate to hear a grown man holla throw a dog a bone
God bless the child who can hold his own
I turn a penny to a 20, a gram to a zone
A hooptie to a Bentley, the gold to the chrome
A fully to a semi, the bricks to a home
The hood love me like grape Kool-Aid
They say you live and you learn from mistakes you made
So I took off the soda, and added more coke
They sniff it up they nose and it numbs up they throat
That's why

[Chorus] with ad libs

[Young Buck]
36 ounces, we call 'em whole thangs
And if we catch a case, we don't say no names
Take care the old folks, make sure they good
Cause we don't need no help, in our motherfuckin hood
We live by the G code, eye fo' an eye
You take one of mine, then 10 of yours die
Through all of this beef shit, I'm so fly
Some red monkey jeans and a Glock fo'-five
See Ludacris my nigga, I'm down with T.I. (shoutout to D.T.P.)
So kill all the rumors 'bout that song, get high {GANGSTA GRIZILL}
See Ludacris my nigga, I'm down with T.I. (shoutout to Grand Hustle)
See Ludacris my nigga, I'm down with T.I
So kill all the rumors 'bout that song, get high
You worry 'bout mine, can't pay yo' bills
And me and Banks fuckin hoes out at Yayo crib, yea

[Chorus] with ad libs

[Young Buck]
Yeah nigga
This a G-Unit production
I made the motherfuckin beat
So holla, YESSSSS!
Aiyyo shoutout to that nigga The O
He one of them under 21 millionaires
Cashville nigga
We get money down here bitch, YO!!!!

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