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I'm the Best Rapper Alive

[Lil Wayne]
The first time I realized I was the best rapper alive
You know what I mean, now before I go into any further in this conversation
Let me let y'all know what I mean about this best rapper alive shit
I don't think I'm better than anybody personally
I don't think I'm better than anybody spiritually
Nahhmean, I don't think I'm better than anybody in any way or form or fashion
But as far as this rap thing, I think I am better than everybody
I'm a competitor, I hope everybody else feels the same way about their craft
You know what I mean, if you do it makes it better for the people
It makes it better for the listeners dawg
And that's how I feel about mine
So, if you're listening and you wanna hear somebody that's dedicated to what they do
I'm so dedicated that I feel I'm the best

[DJ Drama]
See I can understand that
Niggas be saying "Drama, why you talk so much shit on your mixtapes?"
When you're not grinding I'm grinding to get where I'm at
You understand, believe that
And I won't be saying that I'm the best, but I run this

[Lil Wayne: First "Dedication 2" Verse]
Hah, Dedication 2, that's right, you already...
Wake up motherfuckers it's Weezy, you got a problem?
Heads to them Katrina victims, we still mobbin'
Shiny black coupe at night look like a goblin
AK on the backseat, baby it's so-{*record rewinds*}

[Lil Wayne]
Right now, we're gonna hold the fuck up man
See y'all niggas ain't playing close attention right now
Ay Drama, this is what I want you to do man
This is what I really need you to do right now
My nigga Drama, plus he be hitting y'all in the head with that gangster shit
But listen, my nigga Drama man I swear I need you to do
I need you to give me something else for ya now
Just to warm 'em up, and then they gonna...

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