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I Ain't Going Outside Today

Tryna hide from the cameras, I ain't going outside today
[?] test me, so I'm drinking on Act' today
I'ma pull up in style, I'ma do a drive by in the wraith
I'ma take it to trail, pray to God I beat the case
That money be callin' I don't do no talkin' so gtfo of my face
Gotta tech and a chopper, with a hundred thousand dollars up in the wraith
You know I ain't slippin' you know that I'm with it I'll shoot him right up in his face
Quit saying I'm trippin' you know that I'm drippin'
I just bought a brand new watch from God, I ain't put it on yet
Ion't care bout no bitch I ain't givin' her shit, give it all to my homies

He say that we beefin you know I'll fight em' my clip full of thunder you know I'll strike 'em
Wanna join NBA, go and catch you a body
Free Kevin Gates, it's a murder where I am
Double G gang on the front of my title

Date Added: 2017-11-11
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