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It's Changed

[Intro: Frisco]
Ah, what you didn't know?
Ay its changed you know blud
Nah different ting nah G

[Verse 1: Frisco]
Right through is where I'm cutting, treat this game like a meal and tuck in
Dem man are nervous when it gets violent me I just roll up my sleeves get stuck in
The system killers in the building tell dem man stop the huffing and puffing it's man fam you can get a brushing it's nothing
Shades on looking cool but i'm rushing
Okay fam man want try me (try me) I beg a man don't try me they used to look at me funny now all of a sudden they all want to hello and hi me slyly
I know why the ting go, bait like a iPhone ring tone
And if its anything to do with greatness, Boy Better Know that I'm made for it
Dem man wish they was involved, hold on let me get a bit darker
They got so many questions and they're all looking at Boy Better Know for the answer
I take risks I'm a chancer, they better show respect to the master
Back then I had old shape car, now I get money fast like a Subaru Lancer
This year man gotta go harder, don't try go round the ardor
If a man diss me and I ain't done nothing back just know that I'm coming back around like karma (sky)
And they better know that my tings pricey fam i ain't come here to barter
I came back fitter and sharper, your girl knows I'm a charmer
Really and truly most of these MC's ain't got a clue they don't know what they talking about
Only crew independent doing it major we're what they talking about
Now they get what we talking about, we could have packed on deck violate then lash her in debt while we walking you out
Fuck voting to me there all the same, I'm from an area where if I've got a problem I'll ring man and address that
I ain't gonna tweet man, I ain't gonna send, I ain't gonna wait for man to send back (never)
New wave couple man weren't ready, nuff of them they get old then they fade out
Back then man couldn't see a way out, now everyday I play out, it's changed now
Back then man couldn't see a way out, now everyday I play out, it's changed now
They used to look at us different, now they calling us prolific, it's changed now
We used to wanna get signed, now we're like fuck getting signed, it's changed now
It's not the same now, Boy Better Know it's changed now

[Outro: Frisco]
Ah man, only if they knew
Ay fam it's changed, it's different now bruv trust me
I let them know that it's, it's a whole new order now fam trust me
Either get with it, or get out the way fam
Boy Better Know for life, yes
Changed now
They used to look at man different fam
See how they look at man now blud it's changed
It's changed bruv (different)

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