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Just This Last Time

[Verse 1]
I had a dream yo I seen Hov but you know how sleep scenes go
I was at my moms house bunkbed I had when I was 13
Knocked out, heard the doorbell ring that's when I walked out answered it and saw Jay-Z with this Porsche out
What he wanna talk about he said Mickey I've been following for years but the way you do your shit is like you're trying disappear
I pulled him out of a chair told him about Mause and how art was getting weird and how it gets revered in hip-hop
Oh shit, he asked me when I started rapping about it, 0-6, he said same here
During that kingdom come shit in the dream started fading I was so sick
He said he wanna manage me and don't trip I'ma make you so rich don't quit your passion go tough
I swear to Lauren, I was so mad I woke up that last time

Just this last time (x4)

[Verse 2]
I know this guy he got a girlfriend, and if he happy why he got another girl then
And if she finds out about him then his world ends
I know them both so I'm caught up in a world wind
This chick is the baddest, ass is the fattest, got a great job smarter than your average
He tell her that she perfect, but he can't stop flirting
He's determined, what's the purpose if he do it on purpose
I give him good advice but I don't really think it's working
He said he going to stop but he can't stop thirsting
That's a bad sign, reality is blurred every single damn line his fantasy is deterred
What he needs, that's why I tell him to act wise, baptize that vibe that need to be chastised
I pray that he don't let this woman pass by, I don't think he will
But he keeps telling me, Mickey just this last time


[Verse 3]
Been rapping for a minute, wishing that I didn't
Trying to make a living but this killing me to get it
Yeah my minds brilliant, it's filled with a million different visions
That I deal with the visions a little different
Picture a drug dealer, he went from nicks to bricks
So he hired thug killers like real blood spillers
Like stash in the safe place wanna leave the game but he can't
Because the paper chase is all up in his brain
He wanna make enough to pay people for their worth
But because he hates the cuffs he dreams of building a church
Way scale came to life, he don't deal with Paypal
He pay pals to make it right, good and bad pay the price
We so similar peep how we [?]
If I can just do this last hit I can make it rich then I'll quit
I'll just count my cash fine, I swear that on everything I love, I'm done
But just this last time


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