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[Verse 1]
It's 10:30 and our spines touching
Both of our eyes flooded with water, my mind rushing
Mal complaining we ain't doing any fly functions
We in the house so much it become our dungeon
Not even Central Park lunches
Our yelling almost turned into punches
Words were discussed and at first she was looking like
Girl I'm in love with then she turned into something
But I can't remember it
I ended up not spooning with her like she my nemesis
The weight of her body on the bed was a emphasis
Stubborn in the fetal position like she was hemorrhaging
Happy she ain't talking, but I'm sad how we ended it
Tried to grab a cup of water, sitting on the dresser then
It turned into bourbon so effortless
My mattress in the living room now
And I'm confused because the couch is long
But it's not here so I got it wrong
House alarm in tact so I know I'm not buggin' when she grab my palm
I roll over and her body gone, what! (gasps)

[Verse 2]
Gotta stop falling asleep on the train
I'm on my way to see Mal in the sleet and the rain
Dinner date, I just got a text said meet me at 8
It's 6:12 and I think about eating the steak
She trying to find the perfect dress, guess she'll be late
The train car turned into Rockefeller Center
I remember seeing a girl that was listening to Kenna
You know that song, "say goodbye to love"
She had fingerless gloves, hair tied in a bun
Dress right above the knee, elegant as a dove
Lips softer than a hug, eyes color over flood
They was blue she was brown so the mixture was a rush
Curves like the letter S, so her hair near her hips
She had a big chest, I was looking at her stuff
It was June, by why is the tree from December up?
And it's snowing outside, I don't remember this stuff
Short sleeve button up, she approached me
Had her hand on my crotch slowly
Pulled my mans out right in public, I was feeling like an OG
Old people looking at me noisy
I didn't have to spend a ? to get a pussy cat like Josie
I'm cozy, she lift her dress up as she blow me
Marilyn Monroe steez, guess she wanna bone me
Doggy-style while the skaters skate in the cold breeze
Then they started walking on the ice as it melted
Then the sun came out and it was hot so I felt it
I was about to nut
Sensation all on my pelvis
When Mal tapped me on the shoulder screaming, "What the hell Mick!"

[Verse 3]
2 dreams in one sleep session
I need another pillow on my neck, please Megan
That's the stewardess to Maui, flight 311
Gettin' tired of this dream catching
I turn over and I see Mal knocked out
Megan hands me a pillow and I respond, "Good looking out"
Middle seat's the worst, 300 pound man on my shirt
Swear I must be cursed
Happy that we happy though, night before kissing on the patio
She taste like candy, shout out to cameo
Now I'm daydreaming after 2 nightmares
Grab the magazine out the flight chair
Thumbing through the pages like yeah, this is wonderful right here
Now more strife near
Tapped Megan, ordered a light beer, I wanna celebrate
Let the alcohol resinate, pilot saying "We should be landing soon"
So I looked out the window and seen the weather's great
Amazing how a plane can levitate, got these tickets cheap
But I told her I paid more to get her straight
Ima propose to her and her belly shake of an Hawaiian
Dancing wearing the grass skirt, and a skinny waist
Yeah, I'm thinking about a wedding cake
Prop lights go off, turbulence approaching
The John Goodman next to me is knocked out doozin'
Try to wake up Mal and she conned out focused
Now the pilot saying shit like, "prepare for a moment"
Plane feeling like God is a child and he holding on a toy going
I'm scared for my life, trying to wake Mal up (baby, wake up!)
Scared for my wife, but she ain't married (wake up!) and I'm about to lose her
What a loser, oxygen masks fall
(Agh) Spilled beer on my ?
Life flashes in front of my eyes, it was my future (gasp)
Which is weird, cuz it's usually the past
I'm the only one screaming (agggh, help, help) on the plane this is bad
Everybody still sleeping
And that's when I laugh because I realized that I'm still dreaming about the crash
Let me tell her how I feel, when you smile like the chills
When she touch me that's the thrills, butterflies flapping all in my heart
That's real, wish we coulda live forever
Taking turns cooking meals, girl I love the way you feel
Love massaging on your heels, coming home from a hard day of work
That's ill
Now while this plane going down, ? will you marry me still
I got rid of the shield on my heart made of steel
Emotional zeal, now my seatbelt sealed and I'm ready to be killed

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