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Melanie Martinez's Tattoos

These are all of the tattoos that Melanie Martinez currently has.

Upper Body

Candy hearts on elbow
Carousel horse on forearm
Teddy bear on upper arm
Heart-shaped lollipop on forearm
Pin-up girl holding a juice box on upper arm
Cheese in a heart on upper arm
Two kewpie doll heads on upper arm
Ice cream cone on forearm
Bunny and a knife on forearm
Cake on upper arm
Jeweled ice cream cone on upper arm
Balloon animal dog on forearm
Kewpie doll in a bunny suit on forearm
Ice cream truck on bicep
Milk carton on calf
Teardrop on forearm
Boy riding a tricycle on upper arm
Gumball machine on chest
Heart with "222" on bicep
Tooth on upper arm
Girl eating soup on upper arm
Clock on forearm
Balloon on bicep
Lamb on upper arm
Crying teddy bear on upper arm
Duckling on upper arm
Strawberry on upper arm

Lower Body

Angel on calf
Milk carton on calf
Tilly Tiger on calf
Elmer Elephant on calf
Decapitated girl on calf
Red wagon on calf
Masami Yanagida illustration on calf
Naked couple in a game on thigh
Clothed couple in a maze on thigh
Madeline on thigh

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