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New Orleans

(intro)okay this really aint no rock shit but um

verse 1: let's go!!hollygrove monster,new orleans maniac.shoot a nicca up until his whole body aint attached.Hi, my name is best rapper alive.and your mouth is the best crapper alive.cause you talk shit, i get hit and walk it fuck that,then i just spit like bockin it bust back,attitude like fuck em all.and im greezy and your boyfriend is a butter ball.what's geezy, i mean what's good, bitch is you blind.check my watch, bet it be money all the time.sunny on the side where i stay at, where M.I.A at.I get pussy everytime i say the
game room i dont play that.bitch nicca get layed down where he lay at.A.K at ya front door, young zoe, you can ask brisco, shoot til my wrist sour.coup with a bitch low.who with the slick tired of the south so when ya mouth go the dick go.Ye'..they like when i say yea huh and ya boyfriend a tampon.and i dont own land baby,i own a land step on my land and catch a bomb like anquan.weezy f. and the f is for lookin at me is like you lookin through ant eyes.yung money cant die,bitch we like hancock.yea im a martian what you sayin spot, i turn ya beef into a ham hock.then i put it in a pan pot, and shoot til my hand hot.i cant hear you sayin stop, i hear nina sayin pop.i hear choppers sayin chop,i hear niccaz screamin and shit like im sayin holla at cha boy bitch.but holla at cha boy the boy bitch, not ya boy bitch.cause ya boy a bitch.

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