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Now That You're Back

Now you're back from lock down
I been keeping it real, it don't stop now
Dealing with the fact you was gone from me
I never let the drama get the best of me
I prayed to God you would step out
Hit the block and get up on your grind
Now he brought you back home to me
And that's the way it's supposed to be

[Verse 1: C Murder]
They say home is where the heart is, but I'm heartless
My trigger gots no heart, these streets tore me apart
But I'm a savage, I took the cornbread and the cabbage
My ski mask got me living lavish, above average
I blink tears for years, fuck my peers
I'm thuggin', no lovin'
My ? Cutt Boys, slash dirty dozen
I know you hear me cousin, I see you pushing ?
But you ain't gon' last too long, them boys pushing hammers
I just left the slammer, the beast is free
I brought the state to they knees, ain't copped no pleas
It's a hundred degrees and I ? coward keep it gully, now that's my thing
And when my phone ring, accept my call
I'm writing Tru up on my cell wall, now why Soulja had to fall
My ? is scattered, I'm a head bussa', where they at
Ain't no home, my only home is where I lay my gat


[Verse 2: C Murder]
I live that life of a maniac, dressed in black
They played me once, but I ain't gon' let them take me back
My dog Pimp C he kept it gully, B.G. kept it gully
What's up Mack Boy, and shout out to my old celly
I used to watch ? , determined to get my stack back
Now I'm freeing Renee, she need mack back
Copped a Maybach, Tru Records ain't no flop
Everything we drop is hot, like a gunshot
A bullet to the tizz'op, of the billboard ?
Drag for me dog but I let my pants sag
With the black durag, and a goon rag, shine 'em up
The concerts is packed, they lining up
Real dough boys, like the C of the real dough boys
Make that dope boys, so they coming through that door boy
And ? of that gully gully, I'm rocking like Sam Scully
That's why them people scared of me


[Outro: C Murder]
They couldn't hold me down, they tried to hold me down
The whole state against your boy, Murder mane'
But it couldn't happen, I kept it gully gully
That's why they scared of me

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