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Oh Lord

[Intro: City Paper & Young Buck]
Yeah... haha
Whole club looking at you like "Oh my lord"
Oh..oh my lord
I'm getting money and I ball so hard, she like
Oh my god, oh my god
Oh my god
I'm getting this bread, oh my god
Oh my god
I'm ducking feds, oh my god
Oh my god, oh my god

[Hook: City Paper & Young Buck]
I'm cocaine dreaming, no I don't sleep
Bitch I'm booming and banging, try'na buy a Benz in a week
Oh lord...
All this dope I'm thinking "Oh lord"
All these pounds I'm thinking "Oh lord"
We be baging up ounces, it's fucked up in these streets
I got four trap houses trying to get it up in a week
Oh lord...
All these pills I'm thinking "Oh lord"
All this lean I'm thinking "Oh lord"

[Verse 1: Young Buck]
In the kitchen cooking soft you know I make it go hard
And it's "Fuck you" to the niggas out here that taking your job
Shake it..
I'm trying to bring two bags so I'm patient
Gotta use that for motivation, let your wrist whip in rotation
Paper.. chasing.. Wish I could take a vacation
The money good so I'm raising, I'm like fuck the time I'm facing
Never seen so much dope in my life... Oh lord!
If I do this right I could buy me a house with a big ol' yard
Gotta move this white, I'm [?], Bitch I go [?] hard
And my tits is so dark I'm pulling up with yo bra
Y'all don't want no money ho, I'm cookin' up with Georgia
And you ain't got no car, we look at you like "Oh my god.."


[Verse 2: Tha City Paper]
Oh lord..
Right now I'm boosie collage high
Backpack with them pounds in it, who the fuck is that collage guy?
Who the fuck is that City nigga everybody keep on talking about?
Bitch I think that's me.. oh lord, gotta think I lied
Young P Rose, I'mma wreck this game
Bet it all on me, bet it gon' swang
Bet I get rich, bet he don't shoot?
.45 bitch, my set don't change
Put it on Rick, I put it on my ass, dude I put Game
Plus I'm proud of it... Oh lord [?]
[?] that not me, but I got blame
Homicide detectives on my twitter, gotta change my name
Cash is claimed now I leave, my nigga done ten, now we free
Getting cake now (Oh Lord)
Fucking cerealie

[Hook: City Paper & Young Buck]

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